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The music alone gives this four stars. The extra half is for the Three Amigos.

I'm not sure how much I actually like this game anymore, but it's been over a decade and I'm still playing it

why are there two minecrafts
oh well, it's minecraft all the same... GOAT!

pra mim minecraft é um dos melhores jogos pra jogar multiplayer mas como singleplayer falta muita coisa pra deixar o jogo interessante, ate pq cada atualização do minecraft parece ser focada mais em jogar com os amigos do que jogar sozinho então eles meio que não ligam pro singleplayer do jogo e isso faz um ponto negativo

vanilla minecraft does in fact get stale after the first 50ish hours, and mods help but can tend to be overwhelming. but somehow it finds a way onto my computer once every year or so to boot it back up for some minecraft with the squad. it's a game that never leaves, and i do genuinely love it even if it doesn't go as hard as it did in middle school

0ldurdugum koyluler icin pardon

Not the biggest fan of sandbox games, but this is definetly a top tier one.

Basically all other games copied it, terraria, rimworld, gta etc. everything is based off minecraft

It's a classic and nothing can beat it

forjado pelos deuses
um dos jogos mais importantes da minha vida

- unique gameplay loop
- variety of compelling tasks to complete
- no real endgame content

One of the greatest games ever made and has been a joy to play since 2010.

It’s Minecraft what else is there to say

great nostalgia for this game. sitting down and playing a few hours with friends is beautiful. hope it stays for years to come

easily the most iconic game of the 2010s

This game has NOTHING to do.... its UGLY Graphics too.. Why play this game when you can play games with REAL STORY like persona 5 or Fire emblem engage

O jogo é incrível pela variedade liberdade. A tendência é que a primeira experiência com as coisas é um auge, porém neste jogo foi para mim a de maior impacto. A possibilddade de descobrir e experiênciar é muito divertida. Pontos poisitivos pois é um jogo que se renova até os dias atuais, possui uma experiência ainda melhor com amigos e uma inifinidade de possibilidades e formas de jogar.

It's Minecraft. I'd be lying if I gave it a lower score. You can do literally anything in this game, sucking hours upon hours into doing everything, or literally nothing at all.

(Played before 2023)
It is Minecraft. The best game to create your own worlds, exploration, and modding makes it the perfect sandbox with tools and everything. No other game has even come close to this formula and trust me, many have tried. I've played it off and on almost since its inception, when Seananners had maybe ten parts of his first playthrough of the game. It has evolved into something truly unique and special, and there is a reason why it is one of the best selling games of all time.

this game is fun for fooling around like a hooligan and building funny things, im not good at anything else really but when i want to be silly is great

Literalmente o jogo que eu mais joguei na minha vida inteira, não tem como dizer outra coisa a não ser que ele seja perfeito

This game is kind of like tetris, except instead of the blocks falling, they are already all on the ground.

I mean give it try and you'll know why

It's minecraft. My backlog would probably be half as full as it is now if I spent all the time I've put into this game on those games instead. Pretty much a game that you can play forever, especially in multiplayer. I think this game fills in the sandbox-y creative-y community-oriented-y holes for a lot of people that games like littlebigplanet used to fill for me. And unlike that game, this one is absolutely eternal. Sounds weird to call minecraft more than just a game but at this point it's so huge and long-lasting it pretty much is.

A childhood game that's still a classic