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controls better than Deluxe. Perfect game: 4.5 stars because Deluxe is 5 stars (see:

This game has taught me that throwing rocks at animals and then feeding their remains to small bugs is socially acceptable. Thanks, Pikmin 3!

This and Deluxe are the same. very fun to hack.

the day i got this i was so excited i ran at an ungodly speed up the stairs and smashed my toe in the doorway to my room then proceeded to play it for 9 hours straight without eating drinking or standing up

it's sadly gotta be my least favorite pikmin game however, it looks gorgeous but the story is way too short and you can't control the pikmin with the right joystick and there's no piklopedia :(

I've played through this game at least 7 times in full.

This review contains spoilers

I have spent more time than I should thinking about the Pikmin franchise, and I can confidently say that Pikmin 3 is my favorite installment. The game looks gorgeous; and it takes what worked with the previous games and leaves out what didn’t work, all while bringing a lot of cool new things to the table.

Let’s start with the new types of pikmin. Rock pikmin are awesome. It’s so cool that they cannot be crushed to death, and while they are essentially a nerfed version of purple pikmin due to their inability to latch on to enemies, their weakness makes them really fun to use in combat.

Winged pikmin blew my mind when I first met them. Pikmin that can fly? Yes please! Their ability to fly over obstacles allows the player to break some of the game’s puzzles, but I don’t mind this so much as these pink friends are just so dang fun to use.

Blue Pikmin are not new to this game, but they are cooler now than ever before. Water is now a lot deeper, and blue pikmin can now swim around as they fight enemies instead of just standing on the floor under water.

The boss fights are creative and well executed. They can be challenging, but that just makes it all the more satisfying to take these creatures down. Also, the game saves the bosses’ HP when the in-game day ends, so the player can fight them over multiple days if necessary.

The basic premise for the story is that three captains explore a strange planet to collect fruit to save their starving planet, but then they get trapped on the strange planet. It’s fairly simple but it moves the game along, and it is fun to watch the three captains banter between excursions.

Now that I have covered what I considered “big picture stuff,” I will now go into the nitty gritty:

There is a time limit to Pikmin 3, but instead of having a set number of days to win like in Pikmin 1, you are instead limited by your food supply, which goes up as the player collects more fruit. I like this system a lot, as it strikes a good balance between the first game which had a time limit that stressed some people out, and the second game that did not have a time limit at all. The food supply system creates a sense of urgency without being stressful, since as long as there is fruit to collect, you can still win the game.

The mechanics for controlling three captains I thought were well executed. It’s fun to throw the other captains around, and the “Go-here” function to make a captain travel to a location on their own is a big time saver.

The lock-on and charge system for fighting enemies is a bit clunky and it leaves me missing the c-stick controls from the Gamecube Pikmin games. That being said, there is something satisfying about charging 100 on the same enemy accompanied by that battle call sound effect.

I appreciate that there are multiple control options for Pikmin 3. I am partial to using the Wii U Pro controller myself, but you can also use the Wii U gamepad or a Wii remote for motion controls.

The mission mode is fun as well. You (and also a friend if you play the multiplayer) are put on a map, and you have a time limit to either collect as much treasure as possible or defeat as many enemies as possible depending on what mission you pick. There is also a competitive mode called “Bingo Battle,” but I haven’t played that recently enough to talk about it here.

Pikmin 3 is one of my favorite video games, and I know that my most recent playthrough will not be the last time I revisit this gem.

A bit too time-consuming to setup Pikmin and stuff but still fun.

This game is actually goated, forgot how much I actually enjoyed it

breathtaking game. but its far too short. youll never run low of juice, which removes most urgency. new enemies are great. new pikmin feel much more balanced than in 2. miss the c-stick control but charging is great. love the integration of the gamepad. challenge modes are wonderful

Aside from learning curve for the gamepad, the addition of it is what really makes Pikmin 3 a successor to its predecessors. Along with looking really pretty, and having a fairly engaging story, Pikmin 3 gives a lot to help make newer and older fans of Pikmin feel welcomed. While its a shame that certain extras don't appear again, overall Pikmin 3 is bigger and better than any other Pikmin game before it, and helps give reason why the Wii U gamepad can be an essential piece to making games better.

A fun a cozy game that launched with the Wii U, short but sweet with plenty of charm. The gamepad as a map screen is very intuitive and easy to use.

peak gaming even though I never beat this version of the game because it was my first pikmin game and I was like 8 and didn’t know what I was doing

While I don't enjoy it quite as much as the first game, it makes a lot of much needed improvements on the mechanics to make this the most well rounded game of the trilogy.

I love the pikmin series and with new tech this game really stood out. However they abandoned the previous two new pikmin in for similar pikmin but also very different. And the game is kind of lacking in some places.

Takes everything that worked about the previous games and combines them into what is by far the best game in the series.

Game never let me 100% because an orange clipped through the wall and I could never recover it

I love the hell outta this game, It gives me an undeniable sense of satisfaction if I can get a lot done in a day. Deluxe added even more content which makes it even more worth it.

I remember liking it a lot, but I don't think I got past the first boss.
(FYI, I did watch a series on it a while back so I know I do enjoy it still)

Pikmin 3 is one of my favorite games. Pikmin's core gameplay is very unique and extremely satisfying. Having 3 captains also adds a lot of strategy and using the Gamepad to plan your actions is a lot of fun.

far too easy for an adult like myself. but it's probably made for kids so whatever.

Campaign is too short, but everything else is an absolute delight. The Wii-mote control scheme feels great and the enlarged environment suits itself well to the graphically improved system. Bingo battle and challenges are great, but both are were better in Pikmin 2.

Amo Pikmin e sempre irei protegê-los <3

It's probably "objectively" the best Pikmin game, but if that's the case, then why don't I like it as much as 2? Never finished this, and my Wii U is definitely not still hooked up to the TV, but I'd love to go back to it someday.

Definition of a fun, cozy game. It balances the day mechanic so well - I never feel stressed out, yet am able to utilize my time well and given enough leeway for error. The Pikmin are cute as hell and the combat/gameplay works well. One of the highlights of the WIIU era

A really fun puzzle game that fixes the jank of older games and is just overall a much more fun