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Pokédex once again sucked so much ass (+ half star cause Dialga >>>>> Palkia)

Probably my least-favorite Pokémon game. Slow as hell and boring as hell. Nothing about this game really stands out or shines, to me. It's just... a Pokémon game.

oh nooo 👉👈 haha...🤭 what if we... 🥺 made gen 3 but worse 😳 and borderline unplayable at times, haha...

Generation 3 was the first big misstep for Pokemon, but generation 4 was where they doubled down on the problems they had introduced in gen 3, after which they never turned back.

I think Gen 4 goes pretty undiscussed when talking about Pokemon as a whole, it didn't do much new or much unique with the games other than just being pretty dang good and consistent.

D/P were the first games I felt I clearly liked them less than the previous games. It's the first "step down" in the franchise, coming after what I consider incredible games - FR/LG (and Emerald).

El juego es sorpresivamente lento, no se si genuinamente la velocidad o el framerate es reducido, o las animaciones son mas largas, pero aqui es donde pokemon empezo a ser sin duda reiterativo a mas no poder, su unica gracia es "explorar los origenes de pokemon" si considera explorar un retcon de que ahora hay un Dios y es un Pokemon.

My friend let me borrow his cartridge that he put into a gameshark and had 999 masterballs. This game was infinitely better with that.

This game is more of a 4 out of 10, but it has Bidoof, soo the score has to go up.

My first pokemon game ever. As a child this was very addictive.

Empoleon, Roserade, Honchkrow, Hippowdon, Bronzong, Dialga
My first ever Pokemon game. That team is the one I used on replay. But when I first had it, it was completely different. I had two illegitimate copies on an R4 cart my mom got me when I was 7. She said it was from her coworker's son who lived in Ireland. Despite there being two copies, when she forced me to let my little brother play, he would play on my copy. I had a Turtwig and a Kricketot. I told him not to use the Iron I found on anything. When I got the game back, I saw the held item next to my Kricketot and I thought that meant he used the Iron on it. I was so mad.

The game is slow. The game is poorly paced. The game has a weird roster. It's HM hell. Honestly, some of the whackest Pokemon games. I wish there was a way to experience Sinnoh, which is actually one of my favourite regions, but in a more enjoyable manner.
oh wait-

I love the gen 4 games to death. The plot is great and Sinnoh is so goddamn fun to explore, but I don't want to explore it at 4 mph please.

Played on the DS Lite, but thats not an option i can select

As per usual, Pokémon charms players with its addictive monster-catching/training elements, but bores them with its repetitive, tedious combat system, now aggravated by excruciatingly slow battles. Although the new setting is wonderfully rich with lore, the plot is too reminiscent of the previous generation’s with shallow characters and writing. Level design provides enough room for exploration to make the journey pleasing along with some nice optional side-quests and additional activities.

got a shiny gible and cynthia beat ass 10/10

Gen 4 is great. just that middle stone between gen 3 and 5 thats easy to undervalue for the lots of things it does right

Merci la R4 pour cette découverte.

A slow Pokémon game, rather play Pokémon Platinum.

if you think this game is passable, you're wrong

la única cogida que he experimentado ha sido aquí y me la dio cynthia

Might be too nice to this game, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it compared to what I've always heard. Honestly, I just see it as a different way to experience gen 4, rather than just a bad way to.

Everything in this game is so slow.