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Very charming if basic dungeon crawler that is great to play while watching or listening to something else on the side.
+ bright and colorful presentation befitting the series
+ reasonable main story length (12-15h) bolstered by substantial post-game content
+ many quality of life improvements over the original (far from perfection, however)
+ enjoyable albeit luck-based Pokémon collecting
+ manageable difficulty with divisive but purposeful auto saves
- immediately repetitive, cheerful soundtrack
- superficial story that plays out in a formulaic manner
- cheap animations with noticeable clipping
- often frustrating AI that ruins runs and disincentives the otherwise comfortable auto movement
- terrible input lag

PMD DX might be one of the best remakes of a game I've ever played. Even though I've never experienced the original, from what I can tell DX absolutely realizes the gba titles to its truest potential. Every aspect of this game has a ton of love and care put into it and to my knowledge the only thing that ended up being cut was the Friend Zones you could walk around in, which is understandable at the very least. The rest is near flawlessly recreated, particularly the artstyle and music which both manage to capture the feeling of the older pmd games and yet be elevated to what their native home consoles couldn't preform.
DX seriously may be one of the best looking games on the switch. Even the basic dungeons are so pleasing to look at, the watercolor art really lends itself well to the kind and emotional spirit of pmd. I frequently had to stop just to gawk at the environments. It's so obvious that a lot of love went into this entry, and this isn't even mentioning the music, which I think was brilliantly remastered. Mixing the original gba soundfont with a new orchestrated version of the soundtrack was a really smart move; the music alone is enough to make me cry and it really elevates the more emotional scenes. On my second playthrough, I also noticed how well the cutscenes were animated which felt weird for a pokemon game. Rayquaza, the star falling, and all the other legendary intros just looked so gorgeous. DX is made of many good things, and I can tell that it's very much a loveletter to the series as a whole.
The gameplay itself though, I think this game is probably as good as its gonna get. Naturally, it can get pretty repetitive and it's not really something you can play nonstop, but that's alright. For some reason I had a huge issue with Sky Tower though; I was severely underleveled and kept getting wiped out. I'm not sure how this even happened but I've learned that pmd really, really, really sucks when you have to grind. It is so frustrating and I honestly contemplated knocking the game down a star because of it, but in the end I couldn't really bring myself to since the rest of the game went off without any interruptions. Just... make sure you're at least level 35 before the final dungeon or flygon will knock your teeth in.
DX is definitely one of the higher quality pokemon games that have come out recently along with the new Pokémon Snap, so I would recommend this to anyone who feels like they've lost their love for the series, since this game is what rekindled my own feelings for it back in 2020 when it released. As good as this game is, I can only hope that we'll live to see a remake of Explorers in this style... one can dream ):

sky tower soundtrack goes insanely hard

currently gaslighting myself that they will announce explorers remakes in tomorrow's pokemon direct

It was a great time for me until it wasn't. Despite the fact that I was getting pretty burnt out towards the end of the main story and the fact that I won't be getting into any of the postgame, I'm just glad I had enough in me to reach the end credits. I was never able to get very far in my copy of Red Rescue Team as a kid, so I'm glad this decent remake exists for that reason alone.

It's good, but other Mystery Dungeon games are better

cute remake and i'm glad to have finally played Rescue Team but it still feels a little klunky like in Super Mystery Dungeon what the heck guys

same game but not as good looking and also 60 dollars more

it's quite nice, this is probably the best pmd game since explorers of

Was hesitant going in but it’s actually a very enjoyable remake. I appreciated all the new stuff brought in too. The character models and animations were a bit sloppy at times which was hard not to notice, but that’s my biggest complaint.

A fun and surprisingly deep Pokémon spin-off that had me addicted for a little while. Wanted to 100% this game but the post game just gets a bit tedious with grinding.

This is what a Remake should be. It improves on every aspect of the originals while still maintaining the stuff that made the originals so good.

I think a harbinger of the pandemic was me accidentally doing all 99 floors of Buried Relic on the first day of lockdown.

I appreciate the stylistic choice of matching the watercolor style of the original illustrations, but I’ve always preferred the pixel art+It has the modern mystery dungeon thing I hate where the basic attack is locked to 5 damage and stiff movement.
Its still the rescue team games, that+other QOL improvements rate it at this

As someone who played 75% of this game countless times as a kid without finishing it, it was awesome to see this game remade into a title that holds up much better today.
This is seemingly the only Pokemon series where the pokemon themselves have actual character, where you can actually be emotionally invested without seeing them as just a statistic that you create your own backstory for.
The music in this game is incredible and the general sound is a blast to the past in the best way possible.
My main problem with this game is that, while the gameplay is fun, it is waaaaaaaaay too easy. No boss fight lasted longer than 1 minute and I was never in any real danger.
It's a shame that this is a repeated theme for Pokemon in the modern day; that no matter the genre / playstyle, these games are way too easy and don't offer any harder difficulties.
Also I got treecko so that was a massive bonus

its really charming in many aspects plus the story is really fun,love the ost but didnt like much of the gameplay tho,its kinda good

I finally got around to playing this after wanting to for so long because I loved the original as a kid. I feel like it doesn't hold up really well, and that it was carried by nostalgia for me honestly.

I give this the coveted "not my thing award"

A resounding meh from a Pokemon fan. The dungeons are all the same and I was going crazy by the 6th hour. My guy, Meowth pretty much just walks up to any enemy, I press A and combo 2 moves with one press to kill them. (One being fury swipes).
What I'm saying is Pokemon charm and a cute art style cant excuse a bland dungeon crawler. Much like Pokemon Rumble, its a total nostalgia thing. If you love the originals, this is a great remake. If you've never played it, try a better dungeon crawler like Etrian Odyssey where character building actually feels like a core part of the game. Mystery Dungeon doesn't supply the freedom, challenge and rewards that make the genre special.
Although to clarify, I dropped the game in its last act because I kept waiting for it to get good. I should have bailed for Shiren the Wanderer befote I even left the store with this. Just mediocre and shallow in a genre that needs insane depth.

Remake of one of my childhood favourites with enough changes to make it feel just different enough. I'm in a weird place with this one where I think I prefer the mechanics of the original overall, but this one has too much extra qol to where I'm kind of scared to go back and replay the originals.

why the FUCK did they remove friend areas?? my favorite thing in games are weird little niche areas that are pretty and have no purpose other than to wander around and interact with things. i want my goofy little places back! please!

I'm still weirded out by the fact that you live in a house built specifically to look like your own head.

I played a Mystery Dungeon on 3DS (or is it DS?) a long time ago, and I did like it enough, so decided on a whim to get this when I saw it available at my local game shop. Not the best game out there, but I do enjoy it a lot more than the mainstream Pokemon games. I'm still early in the game, but I'm enjoying the story so far.

Improved boss battles
Love the art style and the visuals of the game
good music
decent gameplay loop
horrendous balancing
decent story and mediocre cast

It's ridiculous how much a few small quality-of-life changes improve this game. I actually get to see what people like about the story because I'm not fighting against the clunky UI and awkward quirks of the combat.

one of my first games ever remade in one of the best ways it could. however, despite my fond nostalgia and love for this game, i really only promote it in hopes we'll get an explorers of sky remake as well. thats where the real moneys at, sorry rescue team.

a lot better than any mainline game with way more content and heart, not to mention the remake actually improves the game very foreign concept for pokemon. wouldn't even mind if they remake explorers of sky in the same exact way

One of the best pokemon game spinoffs ever. Such fun story and great character development to where I actually cried playing it at times.