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This one is a really fun time. The tech is the most impressive thing about it. Portals that are secretly 2 second loading screens, super detailed textures, and animations all pop here. I really like the movement in the game, especially when it just gives you a big area and says, "go fast".
It's a bit short but it'a a really good time. Maybe not for $70, but still a memorable time.

This game has some real crungo writing. But the combat platforming is really inganging and the seamless rift system is cool.

R&C Rift Apart looks absolutely stunning, and has very fun and fluid combat with an amazing lineup of weapons; my favourites being the Enforcer, Blackhole Storm and Cold Snap. The haptic feedback with the weapons all feel great, especially with the Enforcer (I always love a good shotgun). There’s lots of neat level designs and environments that caught me off guard, and were very enjoyable to play. The story was entertaining enough but is forgettable, the best parts involving the conflicts between the main villains, and gets quite funny at times. After being quite critical on future era, I think this is definitely a step forward for the Ratchet & Clank franchise.

While the animation and graphics are exceptional and the gameplay is fun, the story is forgettable and it’s over too quickly.

Ratchet: - Let's go Clank! We have to save the univers-
Ratchet: - What?
Ratchet: - Are you okay buddy?

Als großer Fan des Ratchet & Clank Franchise habe ich mich sehr auf das neueste Abenteuer der beiden Helden auf der PS5 gefreut. Und ich muss sagen, ich wurde nicht enttäuscht! Das Spiel bietet nicht nur eine fantastische Grafik, sondern auch eine großartige Umsetzung des neuen DualSense-Controllers im Zusammenhang mit den vielen verschiedenen Waffen. Ich hatte das Gefühl, dass ich durch den Controller direkt in das Spiel eingebunden war. Ein weiteres Highlight waren die Hoverstiefel, die endlich wieder zurückgekehrt sind. Die schnelle Fortbewegung hat mir schon in früheren Teilen gefehlt.
Auch der neue Charakter Schrottbot hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Er fügt sich Szenerie ein. Eine Szene war besonders witzig, da ich von einem Gegner getroffen wurde und dieser anschließend gedabbte hatte. Dies hat mich zum Lachen gebracht.
Die Story von Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart war solide und hat mich an manchen Stellen überrascht. Ich fand es auch toll, dass sie in der Handlung auf altbekannte Elemente zurückgegriffen haben, und gleichzeitig viele neue Dinge eingebaut haben (Stichwort: verschiedene Dimensionen). Ein kleiner Bug hat leider den Spielspaß ein wenig getrübt, als der Controller nach der Arena nicht mehr aufgehört hat zu vibrieren.
Abschließend möchte ich noch auf die Charaktere Rivet & Kit eingehen, die einen hohen Fokus in der Geschichte haben. Ich fand es super, dass die Entwickler neue Charaktere eingeführt haben, die einen eigenen Charme und Persönlichkeit haben. Ich hoffe, dass sie in zukünftigen Spielen wieder auftauchen und ihre Abenteuer weitergehen können. Insgesamt hat mir Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart sehr gut gefallen und ich kann es jedem empfehlen, der Fan des Franchise ist oder einfach ein tolles Action-Adventure auf der PS5 spielen möchte.

Fun in small doses and it's absolutely gorgeous, but you do get the sense Insomniac ran out of ideas. There's a lack on enemy variety, and whilst the large open areas seem fun at first they don't amount up to much.
A fantastic title to test out your new machine and not much else.

a pretty mediocre game
not 2016 bad but still. also i thought ratchet was the last lombax. is he not?

epic game very good
rivet = would

One of the first games I played that felt truly next-gen. A little bit forgettable in the grand scheme of things, but a really enjoyable game overall.

Amazing. Truthfully. I'm stunned beyond words at how pretty this game was, how dense and compelling the story was and how fun it was to play. Insomniac hit it out of the park with this one and was able to totally capture the feeling of the original games with it as an entirely new entry into the series. I'm wholly impressed with what they did and I would recommend it to anyone looking to see what the PS5 can actually do and who just wants to have a plain good time.

Gráficos e gameplay excelente, esse jogo merecia mais atenção.

Bem mais fácil em relação ao reboot, ambos na dificuldade normal. Gameplay tá no seu ápice, as cutscenes são de outro mundo, e a história tá muito boa, melhor ainda pra quem zerou o reboot e já tem noção dos personagens. Seu único defeito é na trilha sonora, que não é ruim foi muito bem feita, mas eu não achei memorável como um Uncharted ou TLOU da vida. Jogo must-buy pra quem tem um PS5 ou pretende pegar um.

Lot of fun, good-feeling weapons. Dualsense haptics are very satisfying. Game looks like a straight-up pixar movie

Super Grafik und sehr geschmeidiges gameplay in einem Shooter der zu 100% auf Spaß und Chaos ausgelegt ist. Ein perfekter Titel für alle die die PS5 ausreizen wollen denn die meißte Zeit fliegen Partikel und Schrauben durch die Luft während das Spiel in konstanten 60FPS läuft. Die Spielzeit ist zwar relativ kurz aber länger würde sich das gameplay auch nicht tragen. Es sind oft die gleichen Gegner, der Arena Modus bietet leider auch keine richtig neuen Gegner und die Story ist relativ belanglos. Nichtsdestotrotz erfüllt es seinen Zweck und unterhält über die gesamte Spielzeit von 10-12 Stunden mit konstanter Action.

The writing feels phoned-in much of the time, the music is unmemorable, and the game is shorter than I'd have liked, but other than that, I liked it. The people at Insomniac know how to make fun games.

It's good to see Sony's classic franchises being brought back. After the original game's remake, I knew something was coming along and I was right! We get a brand new next-gen exclusive Ratchet & Clank game without the baggage of the PS4 holding it down. The franchise returns to its familiar roots which are both good and bad and I'll explain why.
This time around Ratchet is finally wanting to find other Lombaxes in other dimensions. They get the idea of using the Dimensionator, but it's taken by Dr. Nefarious. Yeah, I was a little happy to see him return and a little disappointed that we didn't get an original villain for this game. Nefarious is funny and all, but I wanted to see someone new. We only get a couple of new characters here, but we finally get a new Lombax! Rivet is a fantastic female character with a great voice actress and she has just as much nuance and personality as Ratchet has. I would love to see her stay and even get her own spin-off. The other main character introduced is Clank's interdimensional counterpart Kit who is a female robot.
Sadly, like all the previous games the story isn't all that deep and plays out like a Saturday morning cartoon. There's no real back story to anyone, and we just get the moment-to-moment action for the present time and that's it. It's a pretty shallow story with Kit and Rivet's backgrounds not really being told or talked about. This has always been an issue with the series' stories and I wish they would change things up in that regard. The series' main beat of going from planet to planet and whacking away at the same few enemies haven't changed either. There are about 9 planets in total with some collectibles you can get for trophies, unlockables, and galleries. If you played any single game in the series this one will be familiar.
There are some puzzle areas thrown in that Clank is usually used for. These meta-dimension puzzles see you trying to get mini Clanks running on the correct path to unlock a door. There are four different kinds of orbs that can manipulate the Clanks and various platforms. You can speed things up, slow down, weigh them down, or make them lighter. They aren't super challenging, but still kind of fun and break up the shooting. Another new mini-game is the Glitch sequences. You play as a spider-bot that goes inside a computer that can shoot at things. These play like the regular Ratchet/Rivet segments, but there's no platforming as you have to stay on the ground. They aren't super exciting, but they break up the pace. There are new vehicle elements added such as rocket boots. You can skate around and boost at will as some planets have large open maps, but they are far from the open world. The exploration is mostly for getting collectibles.
The main show is the weapons as that is what Ratchet & Clank was always famous for. Yes, there are over a dozen weapons here that are different and unique than any other game. The DualSense controller is utilized well here for secondary fire. You can soft press to "ready" a weapon that used to be the primary fire and the secondary is a full press of the trigger. The haptic triggers are used better here than any other PS5 I have played so far. That also includes the new rumble feature. You can "feel" every weapon and it really adds to the game's experience. However, I did feel they went a little too heavy on the glove weapons. Some weapons feel more like gimmicks than not. I wound up sticking to about a half-dozen go-to weapons. I found there wasn't a good balance this time around like there usually is. You need to switch weapons based off of your needs. Close-quarters weapons such as the Executioner which is like a shotgun. There are a couple of weapons like this. And then you have area-of-effect splash damage weapons like the Warmonger and Houndrill. There are some passive weapons that do damage over time or stun enemies only and don't do any damage.
The enemies are pretty repetitive this time around. You get the same 6 red robots and then the occasional animal type thrown in. They repeat a lot and don't really have different defenses so you can usually just blast them all as they come. There are frequent boss fights, but many repeat so they can get old kind of fast. I felt the enemies weren't as inventive this time around and it shows as they bring back some older enemies from the first game. I just feel the weapon and enemy design was a bit off this time around and just not as creative, but far from bad or ruined. I do want to mention that the level layout is also the same as before. Swing from orbs, jumping around, smashing boxes for bolts, and using them to buy weapons and upgrade them. Using the levels them up which unlocks more upgrades and you can level up yourself which increases your health. While this formula is tried and true it can feel old to long-time players, and if you didn't like the series before this game won't change your mind.
There are some great cinematic scripted events, and the pacing is well done. There's something satisfying about this series that makes it feel like a classic PlayStation game. They did get that magic down pat, but if this is a new trilogy I hope they have more in store for the sequel. Visually this is one of the best next-gen games to date. With performance RT at 60FPS, the game looks fantastic. There are the usual VRR options and you can play in full 4K 30FPS, but a game like this needs to play at 60FPS. The game just looks amazing, and the team has been able to do what they really want. Comparing this game to the first on PS2 is like a whole new experience.
Overall, Rift Apart takes the typical Ratchet & Clank formula and brings it to the next gen with little change or fluff. There are a couple of mini-game segments to mix things up, the characters and voice acting are spot on and the humor is there despite not being fully pushed this time around. I wish we got a new villain, and Rivet and Kit aren't explored enough. The story itself is also a very Saturday morning cartoon with little depth. The weapons are neat, but not well-balanced and overall the old Ratchet formula feels a bit stale here despite being perfected.

This review contains spoilers

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart is the first game to really feel like it takes advantage of the PS5s raw power and gimmicks, being an incredible adventure that's slightly hampered by weak writing and some sections lacking that old RC spark.

First things first but MAN is this game really fucking pretty. Running at a consistent 60 fps (with optional 4k/RT) the game is brimming with charm with every planet being more interesting then the last. Gameplay is also top notch, with new additions like the dash and rift portals adding so much variety that makes each encounter a blast. Also when the writing is good it genuinely is an entertaining time, with special mention going to alternate Nefarious being a really fun and threatening villian (Robin Atkin Downes the GOAT).
Definitely my biggest issue with the game is how rough a good portion of its writing is, mainly with the games humor missing a good majority of the time and feeling like it pulls every single one of its punches (if you can even call it that). I thought the dimensional gimmick was neat and could've added so much to the characters (and to an extent it does with characters like Kit and Emperor Nefarious) but at the same time it feels wasted. Rivet feels way too similar to Ratchet which makes her feel a lot less like a new character and the drama that occurs LITERALLY BEFORE THE FINAL SECTION feels rushed which is incredibly underwhelming. Also just didn't like how insincere a lot of it felt alongside feeling like it tutorialized too much (though that's more an issue with modern VG writing). Also while the gameplay is consistently excellent the Clank/Glitch sections always felt like pacebreakers with nothing really interesting in them (thankfully skippable).
Besides the main issue of the writing Rift Apart is an utterly phenomenal game that I'd easily recommend to any PS5 owner/RC fan. I absolutely can't wait for Spider-Man 2/Wolverine down the line Insomniac nailed it with the PS5s first real game.

I am once again asking Insomniac to give me a more robust arena mode as DLC or something please please I need it so bad

A really fun time, and a massive improvement from 2016's Ratchet & Clank in my eyes. The combat was much more fun, and fluid, as well as the movement and exploration. I thought adding in an alternate-universe Ratchet & Clank in the form of Rivet and Kit was a great idea. Rivet was adorable and fun, given something special by the lovely Jennifer Hale, and Kit was also a meaningful addition, with Debra Wilson voicing her. The story isn't like the best around, but the world is truly beautiful and fun to traverse. The new mechanic was fun and exciting, and definitely opened new gameplay opportunities but I still remain waiting for the first "next-gen" game to blow me away, even though that game may never come. A really great game that comes on the heels of me trying 2016's R&C as my entry into the franchise, and really being disappointed.

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart is a very solid game. I remember playing several titles of this franchise like Going Commando, Deadlocked, and the 2016 remake of the series. The 2016 was alright and I was worried that this one might be the same. I actually like this one a lot. However, I personally believe the story could of have dive deeper into Ratchet's character and make the player see more about Ratchet dealing with his doubts and fears. Or let the player see more about Rivet's trust issues and wanting to work solo. Anyways, I like the idea of creating Rivet. It felt like a way for Insomniac to bring old players back and new players in too.
Gameplay was clean and smooth. The old and new weapons in the game were fun to use. Enemy variety lack greatly at some point. Near the end of the game, enemies are still all the same and the mini bosses were all recycled. To me, that is the most surprising because the game makes the player travel to multiple planets so you expect to encounter different types of enemies that are unique with their abilities.
At the end of it all, Rift Apart is a good game and cannot wait for Insomniac's next project.

This is the most impressively consistent 9/10 series on Playstation. I would've liked there to be more optional extras and a more expansive arena mode than what they gave, but everything else is stunning.

Absolutely perfect game, and possibly amongst the most fluid game experiences you can expect from a console!
Story is in point, visuals are stunning, and the weapons you use are an endless cycle of pure satisfaction 😮‍💨
Side quest included, is a medium-lenght game, like most of the R&C saga, which is honestly the only downside to me. It’s a stellar game tho, I can’t recommend it enough ✨

Playing in a Pixar movie
Particle effects go boom

Staggering to think of the shift in quality from this versus its 2016 predecessor - if the latter felt like a deeply bland, shitty licensed movie game from the mid/late 2000s then this is beyond a breath of fresh air. Still doesn't quite match the cartoony playfulness of the originals due to suffering from the current-gen problem of straining too hard for prestige seriousness to the point of cutting down gameplay (if I have to play one more tiring tutorial section where you go on a loop of playing for like 2 seconds before getting bombarded with 16 cutscenes I'm going to lose it). But the fact that this even feels like a Ratchet & Clank game again is more than I could have ever hoped for - there's tons of visually smashing planets, fun gadgets, and a decent story. I love Rivet & Kit as additions, and the weapons are as reliably fun to smash through and level up as always. Really good.

Got to this game about a Year and half later then most.
Ratchet and Clank is a series that really meant a lot to me growing up as a kid. Starting from it's humble beginnings on the PS2, Then Jumping to the PS3 with the future trilogy before starting to lose Steam in the Early to mid 2010s. ( The Remake was fine) It had me Thinking ''Imagine a True Next Gen Ratchet and Clank title''
Fast forward to 2023 being a proud owner of a PS5 I can say that Rift Amazing.
Right off the Bat this game starts off from the events of a Crack in time with the titular duo having a celebration for their 20 plus years of heroics. Clank surprises ratchet with a new Dimensionator with the promise to find all the other lombaxes until Dr nefarious swoops and messes up reality.
Core gameplay is basically an upgraded Crack in time with some new tricks that spice the gameplay up. Rift Pull and the Phantom dash are great Mechanics that should stay in future games. Ratchet's Core arsenal is Very solid ( Topiestray Sprinkler ftw) albeit with some Ehhh Late game weapons that feel a bit useless. Platforming is solid as usual with some new stuff like the Speetlebugs that give me vibes from Crash's 2 polar bear levels.
Rivet and Kit are Very fun characters that play off each other very well helped by the Stellar voice direction and writing. I actually busted out laughing one time over a Cutscene with a particular character that I won't spoil.
Also Visually this game is freaking gorgeous. but yeah Rift apart is a great game that appeals to both old and new fans.

Best-looking video game ever.
The 11/10 score I'd give this game for presentation alone makes it worth every penny. The fluid motions, realized landscapes, and vivid textures paint a picture even the modern Pixar film would blush at. Ratchet and Clank has always pushed the envelope for video games with regards to presentation, and Rift Apart is their greatest accomplishment in that regard.
For everything ese the game is... good. It has a very weak and predictable story, though it is better paced and better told than the average R&C game. The level designs are great, the enemy variety is lacking, and the gun selection is average by the series' standers: though all three borrow just a bit too much from previous games. The gameplay variety and exploration are acceptable, though a step down from Crack in Time in my opinion. Lastly, the writing was forgettable: I remember almost nothing said by any character and I don't think I laughed once.
Rift Apart is a typical R&C affair but still a fun one. For many people, it was their first PS5 title, and I think it is a great way to be exposed to the console.
Jim Ward, you will be missed: I wish you a fulfilling retirement.

fun game, but was expecting more for its PS5 debut. Loved the old games, and really liked the PS4 reboot. this wasnt as good.

Got bored after seven hours.
Looks real good, runs incredibly smooth.
There are some really cool weapons but the combat is so easy and boring it's not compellkng to use them.
I hate the story and scenario. Just found everything about it abrasive and annoying.
This is a fine showcase for the PS5 but it felt empty, the same way the modern Disney live-action remakes are technically impressive but boring and unnecessary.