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A major step down from the previous release. Once again I won't factor Cloud gaming into this, because I didn't really have any major issues this time. All my problems stem from the game itself

It's very light on content. You have the main campaign and... that's kinda it. And the campaign itself is a third of the length of the 2nd game.

This would be fine if it was in service to a better story, but there's not much here. Carlos and Jill are fun to watch, but the whole experience just flies by, even when there are moments to try and spice up the gameplay.

The bosses all kinda suck and there's frustrating level design, just being swamped with enemies. It still controls and plays pretty well, but not enough to overlook how barebones it feels.

It has great presentation still and the section at the beginning of the game with the... you know what, is super creepy. But it needed more than just moments, it needed to be a full experience.

I thought it was just ok, and sort of a hollow experience.