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lendas urbanas shadow of the colossus

A tad bit repetitive and most of the colossuses are kinda stale to fight against and are just platforming challenges disguised as an monster.

Beautiful game. Must play for any gAmEr.

This one doesn't really need a review.

An experience everyone deserves to try.

oh yeah damn damn boi DAMN BOI HE THICC

Excellent, please knock me over 100 more times ty.

'Shadow of the Colossus' is the best of the 'boss marathon' genre, with a haunting sense of tragedy to every beast you slay; its ending may jump the shark and not successfully land for some, but the experience prior is incredible in size and scale as well as deeply affecting on an emotional level.

This is one of the few games that does the whole "make the player feel bad for their actions" gag and is actually successfully at it. Graphics are kinda muddy and the controls are unpredictable at times but that honestly adds to the experience. Still holds up.

So, so far ahead of its time. Actually, too far ahead of its time. The ideas that this game had could not be fully realized on the PS2, and it needs a full remake rather than the PS4 remaster. It is a beautiful game with a great story, but its gameplay is so often buggy, boring or some combination thereof that it drags the experience down significantly. When it works, its wonderful, but more often than not I'd find myself scaling a colossus only to spend five minutes watching my character stumble around on its head while I desperately tried to make him stab the thing. This game is worth the hype in concept only, although I'd absolutely recommend it to any PS4 owner simply for the visuals, as well as to experience an important piece of gaming history.

a friend made me buy it long time ago, it tried several times but i just don't like it and don't understand why everybody is obsessed by this game

Writing: 3/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Art Design & Visuals: 4/5
Voices & Sounds: 4/5
Atmosphere & Immersion: 4/5

Really sensitive and incredible for 2005. Unforgetable game

Did I stand up and cheer when Agro went careening off the cliff? I did. Am I a bastard for it? Perhaps! Would I do it again anyway? I would.

A wonderfully sad game. Probably one of the most important ones in the history of the medium. It has aged very well, definitely a must play.

I'm a sucker for well set up twist endings.

The soundtrack is also superb.

An overwhelming game! Marvelous, fantastic and amazing experience. It's my top 5 from games you must play once in a lifetime. A piece of art!

The title is well deserved in game in which you feel tiny, up against 'enemies' of jaw-dropping scale. An ambitious but highly satisfying work of art.

The game is jank but it's kino for it.

The riding mechanics make sense when you see the making off and hear them talk about how they sat on a horse the first time for research purposes and then never again.
It's a bit frustrating to say the least. Either Wander is a shit rider (then how did he do all these tricks on that goddamn horse?!) or the game designers really didn't enjoy their riding lesson. I know what I pick.

Anyway, I've done horrible things to that horse like all of us probably have just to see what would happen. Or because the mechanics sucked.

Maybe I had way too much fun to fall over the turtles, too... (it's cute bc they retreat into their shell if you do it right!)

Beside that is a gorgeous game that thanks to its open, mostly barren world, lack of soundtrack (unless in the fights and cutscenes) and well used camera gives you the feeling of being tiny and lonely in a way I haven't experienced in a game since playing SotC.

The Soundtrack is gorgeous and really pushed adrenaline through my body maybe because it was so rare to hear music in that game: The times WHEN you hear it suddenly matter more. There's a reason it's one of the few OSTs I not only on CD but also on Vinyl.
I mean - beside that fact that the LP looks great and I get to feel pretentious for a minute.

You have to kill white tailed lizards though and those bastards are slippery af. The controlls are something one has to get used to but it's well worth the experience.
At least, it was for me.

This game barely even functions on the ps2 and it needed a lot more work done to it than just the remaster we got. It's got a pretty cool 'show don't tell' narrative styles and the colossi are neat but yeah, it's way past its prime and the 2018 version didn't help it enough.

PS2 version runs so poorly the game itself is basically unplayable.

It's OKAY. Please, play it again, it really is not as good as you remember I promise. Still incredibly important to the craft, set the bar for future games. Very innovative, maybe too innovative for its own good, clearly way ahead of its time, thus the bugs, glitches, and straight-up bad design choices.

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