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4.5 stars because I wish there was more unlockables and stuff, this game rules

Insanely fun arcade style shooter where your observational skills hold a stronger sway over your success than pure reaction time and aim.
A spectacle that will make you forget it's an N64 game, with deliciously hammy line deliver carries shades of Evangelion though not nearly as pretentious.
Easier to play now thanks to Switch Online, I implore you to give this game the hours it demands, which sometimes requires being kicked back to the beginning.

I have no idea what happened but that was very fucking cool.

Secretly the best game on the N64.

Clasicazo de lo shooters on rails. Historia muy a la japonesa, un diseño de arte único e hipnotizante también muy a la nipona y una gameplay vibrante.
Es bastante hijo de su tiempo, por otro lado. A posteriori han salido otros títulos de su palo que creo que son bastante superiores, pero hacer este juego en el año 2000 tiene un mérito descomunal. Uno más para el catálogo de Nintendo 64, una consola muy infravalorada.

Gotta be one of the coolest rail shooters of all time just from its art direction alone. I love how the low poly models lend themselves perfectly to creating horrific masses of flesh and metal. It's also really exhilarating to play, once you get into the flow state of dodging, shooting, and parrying there's nothing else quite like it (other than the sequel of course). The Evangelion influence is extremely apparent, but my favorite way it manifests is in the color palettes, it captures the visual identity of some of the best moments in Eva better than most imitators could hope to.

Awesome rail shooter with unique controls. Constantly finds ways to change up the camera angles to present unique camera angles. Short game (which is fine, since rail shooters tend to focus on replayability) but new gameplay challenges are being introduced at every point throughout its length. Treasure excels at making unique gameplay.

This review contains spoilers

It was when the most androgynous man ever rendered by a 5th-generation console drowned in a tsunami of blood and transformed into an evangelion while the insanely cool boss battle music faded in that I realized I've been looking for this game all my life.

I was expecting to like this, but I wasn't expecting it to dethrone Star Fox 64 as my favorite on-rails shooter. There's just something about the speed of everything and the snappiness of the controls that makes it an absolute blast to play even if I have no clue what's going on with the story after like ten playthroughs.

Para la mayoría, resumir Sin & Punishment suele reducirse a algo tan sencillo como señalar sus locuras y esperar que ello le haga justicia; una acción realmente floja que no empieza siquiera a esbozar las proezas de lo que posiblemente sea el mejor videojuego de la consola: un inquebrantable estilo, una dirección cinematográfica que apoya al ritmo, una banda sonora frenética que se acopla perfectamente a su acción, un fuerte pulido en sus controles para nunca romper el flujo de juego, una cohesión brillante entre sus sistemas para atrapar al jugador en su bucle, un diseño de enemigos que prevé de un reto justo y variado, y una serie de niveles que otorgan un sentimiento de escala constante a sus eventos.
Sin embargo, lo que se suele ignorar es la narrativa que su caótico relato ofrece al paquete, el cual nos esconde un mensaje sobre los desafíos de la intimidad humana, y nos advierte del cómo construir relaciones sin afecto y vulnerabilidad nos lleva a la manipulación, y a algo no muy diferente de bestias sin libre albedrío. Se acopla admirablemente a las pretensiones jugables: es un trabajo que, al igual que sus protagonistas, entiende perfectamente su propia naturaleza, dejando a relucir la total sinceridad de sus creadores.

A friend of mine once declared, half-jokingly, that the entire purpose of games is to shoot progressively bigger and more interesting things. They've never played Sin & Punishment, but in their own way they've been playing Sin & Punishment all their life. Good game!

AAA games would be 1000000x better with flashing START -> SKIP icons...give the gamers what they want!

Treasure once again never misses by casually dropping another masterpiece. Every level is an insanely good showcase of both technical graphical flashiness for the hardware and having engaging enemy patterns. The movement and control also feel extremely good. The plot makes absolutely no goddamn sense but honestly it kinda makes the game more hype to me personally, in a "you never know whats gonna happen to throw you into the next crazy level" type beat. Every boss in this game feels like the final boss of a completely different game, every level feels like a climax, and the game is just overall one hell of a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. Treasure never misses.

Beat this one on NSO and all I can say is that it's definitely a fantastic on-rails shooter and one of Treasure's best. Gameplay-wise, it's near perfect, the difficulty feels just right and the shooting and swordplay are simple and extremely fun to use. There are only a few things that bring the game down a little bit.
Like the controller for the console this was originally on, the controls are a little unconventional and take a bit of getting used to. However, once you do that, it is pretty much smooth sailing from there. One other thing I'd like to point out is that the aiming is a little too slow. It gets annoying when I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of enemies and it takes five seconds to go around aiming across the screen when the aiming could definitely be just a tad faster. It really becomes a prominent issue during the final boss when you have to shoot down all of those tiny green orbs. The last flaw is just that it's pretty short and could have used a few extra levels.
Even with all of the minor issues aside, it's a fantastic game and easily one of the best games on the N64 and out of Treasure's portfolio.

Fucking rips dude. The fun and frantic combat, the awesome set pieces, the soundtrack. PERFECT! Watching the cutscenes is like watching out of context clips of a influential anime that can you still feels it's impact the industry.
Go play it!

Eu sinto como se tivessem feito uma lobotomia após terminar isso.

estranhemente divertido, como esse jogo conseguiu me prender um fim de semana quase inteiro.
os dialogos são esquisitos, a dublagem é muito ruim mas as cenas de ação são muito interessantes para a epoca e a gameplay e alguma forma é diveritda e parece confortavel

I have absolutely no clue what's going on and the english dub is kinda comically bad but it still wound up being one of the coolest games I've ever played. It's like Evangelion and Resident Evil had a weird baby and said baby came out of the womb deflecting military naval base missiles while surfing on flying debris because yeah the game lets you do that and it's awesome.

This is the most frantic and funny game i had ever played on the Nintendo 64, i love this game for it history, gameplay, cinematics and his incredible style, i really think this is a hidden gem of the gaming and EVERYONE on this world has to play it NOW

did a replay with the AMAZING spanish fandub and translation! seriously this fan translation is amazing, the dub is better than the official english dub and its better than some official translations out there. if you ever needed a reason to play/replay sin and punishment do yourself a favour and play it in spanish!

One day the sickos over at Treasure decided that it was a good idea to "make the best game ever on the most miserable console to develop for ever" and that's how Sin and Punishment was made. They also made up some crazy ass plot that you'll never understand. If you don't like it then I'm afraid you got filtered.

Treasure is one of those companies that once you've learned their existence, you begin to want to tell everyone about them. They're such a free flowing development team that output a lot of insanely good games, with a diversity of genres. Sin And Punishment is just one within their ranks, and it's take on an arcade shooter is phenomenal.
Their specialty are boss fights, they really understand the push and pull a boss fight should give the player. There's a lot you can study by replaying the game and understanding the mechanics of how they function, what they set up for the player, and how to take them down.
I haven't played this in quite a while, so I don't have a lot of pungent things to say that really get into the nitty gritty of what makes the game work, but it's such a great game, you guys, holy shit, go play Treasure games.

The Sin & Punishment games are the best kept secret in Nintendo's catalogue. I've pretty much known nothing about either game until this year, I've essentially opened and closed the year playing the sequel and now this, and I've come to realize these are some of the best games Nintendo has their name attached to.
Insane visuals, especially for the N64 which most games can't claim to have looked very nice, fast paced rail shooter gameplay, and the best type of nonsense. The most insane shit will just happen in this game, and you have zero time to process it because it will keep getting bigger and bigger until you get the most absurd finale you could ever imagine a game like this ending with. It is tragic this game got a full translation and dub with no localization effort, and essentially a doomed existence to obscurity and being an Assist Trophy in Smash. Star Successor is somehow even more batshit than this game, but this still managed to blow my mind in just all the right places.

Played for 3 minutes. I've seen enough.

eu amo a treasure, eles mostram o quanto um jogo só precisa ser legal pra te conquistar