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nishiki is really in some alleyway like "hey man do you have a shirt"

It's free and that's what makes it good. It's a glorified love letter to both the beat-em genre and SEGA fans. It's also cute knowing the inspirations Yakuza takes from. You'll get a good few minutes out of this one.

The fact that this even exists is a miracle. I don't really even think it should be judged like a game, as it is clearly a love letter to Sega's fans.

yeah it's free but it's just a showcase of adequate pixel work, itself just a painting over of sor2 sprites/bgs. you can effortlessly stunlock even the bosses and half the mooks are pacifists so it's pointless besides there being no level, music, or character variety. you can't pick up the bikes which isn't how i remember kamurocho.

Otima homenagem ao Streets of Rage com a temática Yakuza, o único problema é que é EXTREMAMENTE curto rs

Might come across as childish to complain about a lack of content in a game that's completely free, but this is exactly what it says on the tin and not a shred more. Possibly even less than that--it's literally just a reskin of the first level of Streets of Rage 2. Would've been nice to, I dunno, be able to pick up bikes or something to make it feel at least a tiny bit like Yakuza. Still, the core of it is basically solid, even if there was a bare minimum of work put into it.

A love letter to the fans, it's a short fun trip into Kamurocho in Street of Rage 2's skin. Sure it's just one level, but it's free and it's not really meant to be a full game.

Fun novelty.
It's free and you get exactly what's promised.

Basically a glorified flash game but at the same time, if I get a few minutes out of a goofy thing that reminds me just how damn good its inspirations are, I can't be mad about that.

Streets of rage Yakuza edition

Ehh, es una calca del primer nivel de Street Of Rage 2 pero en bucle, sin nada destacable más que protagonizar el universo de Yakuza. Está bien para divertirte por unos 10 o 20 minutos, pero sinceramente le hubiera puesto algo de esfuerzo extra...