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Hands down the best Mario game I have ever played. it takes everything you knew about Mario and turns it on it's head creating an experience like no other. Amazing level design, spectacular music, stunning visuals for Wii, and rock solid controls. It's hands down the peak of the Mario franchise and probably will stay that way for a long time.

Def in my top five games of all time my fav game on the Wii best Christmas present I've ever got :)

The game has tons of very fun moments and simply genius level design. However, the journey to 100% completion can be very tedious as not only does getting all stars feel like a drag, but you have to do it twice for a reward that's not fulfilling at all. Greatly recommendable for anyone that wants to pick up a casual game to play from time to time and to those who take gaming a bit more seriously.

best mario, blow it mario paint!

To this day I still haven't gotten luigi...

The recycled galaxy ideas were still fresh enough to keep things interesting. The purple coins felt a bit redundant though. 9.5/10, curse you 10 point system.

Super Mario Galaxy is the perfect pairing of the traditional 3D Mario fun, paired with an entirely new sense of direction and atmosphere; and it could not work better. Controls are as tight as ever, levels are as expressive and detailed as ever, etc - it even successfully attempts at creating an emotionally charged central narrative through its level design and literal story beats, something I never thought a Mario game could do before.

It's the definitive example of pure, Nintendo quality. Aside from the deep memories I've held with it from the entirety of my life, it's one of the best games I've ever played period.

The amount of ideas and creativity bursting from every level in this game is amazing

It may be that I'm coming off from finishing both Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, but Mario Galaxy is a god-send compared to both. The controls are much more consistent, camera is much tighter, and there is just less unfair death, which was sadly too often an occurence in the previous two games.

The game is a delightful mix of both exploratory and course-based linear 3D platforming. This does mean that its relatively smaller size for each world makes the exploratory sections less fulfilling. However, this is offset by the masterful game design and pace, which urges the players to keep going, constantly surprised by a stream of new innovations and their genius applications, all of them designed for the sole purpose of offering a simple joy that is becoming more rare among games nowadays.

And it's also the saddest Mario story and made me a cry little.

The movement in this game is so stiff, limited, and slow compared to the previous 3D Mario games. It feels like a giant step backwards in that regard. The more gimmicky levels like the surfing or ball rolling ones that force the use of the Wii motion/Switch gyro controls are frankly not fun at all and should probably just be avoided if possible.

The worst part though? The terrible camera. I get that being designed for the Wii makes it more restricted in what it could do with the controls, but the result we get is this awkward camera you can only move in notched increments (when it decides to even let you at all) instead of a free form analog one, and holy fuck is it annoying when you can't get what you need to see in the frame while underwater, or when it just decides to spaz the hell out on some of the spherical levels.

Any amount of fun I derived from some of this game's creative ideas seemed to be met with frustration in equal measure, and it's a damn shame.

Even though he sometimes fails to fully satisfy, you still love his vibe.

No me ha gustado porque no siento que nada, absolutamente nada, cause un impacto en los mundos de Galaxy. En 64 es el propio Mario el que lo causa, en Sunshine los piantas y otros habitantes (es el Mario con mayor cantidad de texto y con amplia diferencia; está ahí por una razón), ¿pero en Galaxy? Me parece un paso atrás, y el hecho de que no se haya vuelto a explorar la idea de la gravedad para mí demuestra que o no era la opción más adecuada o no se aprovechó su potencial. Aísla tanto a Mario hasta el punto que nadie más aparte de él en este juego trata de sacar provecho a estos gimmicks gravitatorios, y de ahí lo de potencial desaprovechado. En consecuencia, los mundos están hechos para él en exceso. Conquistar el espacio nunca ha sido tan aburrido.

Una de las claves del SMB original era precisamente que cada uno de los enemigos imitaba una porción del moveset de Mario, y no hay rastro de eso en absoluto en Galaxy. Para mí Odyssey trata más de llegar al "corazón" de Mario, por ejemplo, porque recuerda a esta idea de imitación.
Y por último, en palabras de un amigo al que tampoco le gusta, "Galaxy lo sentía como un mapa para que yo saltase, en cambio en los otros [Marios] se sienten más mundos que puedo explorar saltando".

Delightful and inventive and so much attention to detail and also awfully easy and linear. It's all a bit caught up in the grandeur of it all, which it mostly earns I suppose.

This game is absolutely fantastic. One of my favorite Mario Games of all time by far, fantastic level design, great atmosphere, godly soundtrack, etc. this game is a thrill ride to play. Absolute Recommend.

Not as good as the sequel but I guess the story book is kinda dark for a Mario game.

Physics around a tiny planet for 20 minutes

Great game. Holds up. In some ways seems more inventive than any Mario before or since. Motion controls on Switch are fantastic. The delightful charm of the games aesthetics are undeniable, and though Mario loses his flexibility of motion from previous and future 3D titles, the inventiveness of the levels and mechanics make up for it.

If there was any game I'd say is the greatest game ever made, it has to be this one. I can't think of another game I can go back to endlessly and play over and over again without losing any sense of enjoyment. I don't think anything will ever top this one.

mario destroys the universe in this one

I'm pretty torn about this one. At first, I was offput by Galaxy's controls and movement feel, it's definitely not as tight as 64 or Sunshine, but I also think the spin introduces some interesting platforming options. I was willing to give this a fair try, as I'm not opposed to a more simplified Mario 3D platformer, and I thought "I'm probably going to end up giving this a 4 or something".

My biggest gripe with Galaxy is the level structure. The whole thing feels like this awkward middle point between Sunshine and 3D Land, and it can't manage to do what it's doing better than what those games do. Worlds involve usually starting at the same place and branching off into entirely different areas, which at first sounds like it would lead to a lot of diverse and unique stars, but instead it all just blends together and nothing really stands out as memorable. You land on one planet, do whatever it is to get to the next planet, and each star just kind of keeps going and going on until it doesn't. There are some really stand out moments and set pieces, and lots of moments of fun, but Galaxy's level and hub structure do it no favors. Galaxy's hub isn't terrible, but it feeling so much less lively than Sunshine and less involved than 64 leads to it feeling like it probably shouldn't even be there (kudos to Galaxy 2 for realizing this). There's not much point to these galaxies being in different rooms, it just leads to that feeling of being slower that the control already gives.

Also, I just really don't like the comets, and I don't like how much of 100% completion is doing these comets. I like the cosmic race ones, but all the other ones do very little for me, it's not enough of a difference to not feel like "oh, I'm back at this star for the 3rd time". The fact that nearly all the post-game stars are comets just felt like a slap in the face.

It was really in the last two rooms of the Observatory that I was just totally over everything. The levels weren't impressing me anymore because they just felt like more of the same, and the objectives just all started morphing together into what felt like just doing the same kinds of challenges over and over again.

Of course it's not all bad, it's mostly good in fact. There are genuinely really fun moments of platforming and level design, I just wish there were more of those moments and it was organized better! Also, as if I need to say it, this game is absolutely gorgeous and honestly breathtaking at times, especially at the resolution I played it at through, certain means. The great visuals and a lot of the music just make me wish I had more fun than I ended up having.

Lastly, I don't mind the story stuff at all, both the library and the ending cutscenes. I think it's very fun and interesting for a Mario game to try stuff like that, and it's disappointing that so many people were adverse to it, especially since it was never really forced upon the player. I was genuinely touched by parts of the ending, and I liked the library story too. I appreciated all the swings Galaxy went for, even if it ended up in some misses. I probably won't be playing through this game as Luigi any time soon, seeing as I didn't even want to 100% it, but hopefully Galaxy 2 is a lot better when I eventually get to that.

I can't say much about this game, after all, I only played it for a couple hours more than a decade ago. What I will say is that I remember dropping it on account of finding the controls awkward and the camera disorientating, an annoyance which holds true to this day whenever I come across footage of the game online.

great game but I'd probably put it under sunshine in my mario ranking

One of the best 3D Mario games with inventive level design and an amazing soundtrack.