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in the past

It was really fun gameplay-wise, kinda okay story-wise and really visually striking but I didn't bother continuing after the 1st floor

Story is the least bad out of the sao games and I had way more fun with the gameplay than I probably should have, didn't get all that challenging until the dlc though.

I normally like single player MMOs and I actually don't mind SAO as much as some people do, but this game just felt bloated. It had so many mechanics like party affinity, randomly generated side quests, multiplayer dungeons, and super complicated skill trees that were just kind of pointless. If I had to interact with those systems then I would have been fine with them, but I could just ignore basically everything in the game and still get by just fine. I did like that dual wielding was basically a hidden weapon skill, though. That was cool.

It's a SAO game, why do you think it deserves a review?