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Made a ton of progress but never actually finished it.

my friend sizzle won't leave me alone please help

A little too grindy for some of the good stuff.

I like those good games yeaaa. Beat the actual game on Dec 2018

Terraria is most certainly a good game, but man I just can't get into it. Something about it doesn't quite click, like other sandboxes do.

A lot of the bosses are too samey and just lame. Lunatic Cultist is the only one that feels like a boss, but at the same time is absurdly easy in comparison to others.

I've played 100+ hours of it, because friends wanted to play, but those felt like empty time sinks, even with mods.

The poop spoon mod is funny though

Terraria is one of the most modern-classic-y games of them all, right next to Minecraft. Its gameplay is fairly simple, yet somehow incredibly diverse at the same time. I find myself picking Terraria back up once every year or two, and every time I do, it's very fun.

An overwhelmingly fun and expansive game. There's so much to do here in this flat, 2D world, in every single direction. Left and right, you can find different biomes, monsters, materials and music. If you go down, things get even bigger, with humongous cave systems and special underground biomes. Keep on going down, and you reach actual hell, with everything expected.

What elevates this game further is the sheer amount of ever-increasing challenge, usually found in the bosses. The creativity in each boss is quite astounding, each with an interesting and challenging gimmick that sets it aside from the other bosses.

All this huge and challenging content throughout the whole world inspires the player to keep on digging, keep on creating, to not only improve but to create something impressive. It's no wonder I played so much of this game as a child, despite my lacking skills as a gamer.

While now, this game interests me less, I still respect and enjoy this game for the behemoth of enjoyable content it is.

4/5: One of the most good sandbox crafting games.

so fun? like really good? my favorite game?

i played with k-on soundtrack on the whole time and when i beat that moon lord oh boy was i tripping mate

"The world corruption rate is: 30% Hollow, 30% Crimson and 30% Corruption. Try hard!"
Toooooooo much fun!
One of the best games I have played...

If anyone says this is a Minecraft ripoff. Square up.

It's not my #1 favorite game in the world, but it's weirdly enough the game I can call objectively perfect. An obvious exaggeration, but I genuinely feel like this game nails gameplay and progression. It's very unforgiving, yes, but it encourages discovery above all else, and this discovery really pushes the game forward. Because this game is more or less intended for a singleplayer or cooperative multiplayer experience, the game feels pretty comfortable letting OP builds stay OP (there have been nerfs and patches to make sure you're not just skipping entire segments of the game, but you get the idea). I guess my only true grievance is the game's "Master Mode" which came with the 1.4 Journey's End update. It's a step above Expert Mode in difficulty, but Expert Mode felt generally balanced either way, and provided incentives that made it worth working through. Master Mode was just spiking the difficulty and offering little to account for it. Of course, Master Mode is only an option, and in the grand scheme of things it has no real impact on my opinion of this game. It's just a great game all around, and only ten dollars on PC?? The devs are only ripping themselves off, this game is worth way more.

Pretty cool, but always get bored before I can really "finish" the game.

Magic mirror before you hit the ground

ele me lembra um minecraft, infelizmente joguei pouco pós na época eu tinha um PC muito fraco e eu não tinha tbm para jogar.

Joguei pra crl sapoha já, mas nunca tenho paciencia para jogar o hardmode...

Seems like a fun game, but I couldn't find much enjoyment out of it due to hard it is to find upgrades/NPCs and how much more powerful your enemies are in the early game.

Honestly, one of the best, sandbox games I ever played.
Good gameplay, """balanced""", much better with friends.

Also Terraria better than MC.

wish my guildies had told me sooner this has such slick grinds and smooth tier progressions and creamy crafting flowcharts. not just a stupid creative mode thing but a real live game that scratches a type of nolifer itch usually only mmos do

Tried so hard to like it, and early game is plenty fun, but sooner or later I find myself overwhelmed by what feels to me like an unoptimized wanna-be bullet hell, especially in multiplayer. Nonetheless, 100h of fun speak for themself.

fishing minigame:

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Stardew Valley Terraria

joguei ano passado, joguei muito, fiz uns 3 mundos inteiros e 1 personagem, joguei bastante com alguns amigos tbm

jogo muito bom. na minha opinião, melhor que Minecraft. progressão boa, chefes desafiadores, conteúdo pra caramba e divertido.
o único ponto negativo é que não é tão intuitivo, jáq muitas vezes tu é obrigado a recorrer a wiki.

no geral, recomendo.

One of my favorites 2D games, more than thousand hours playing and i never get bored