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Fun characters.
really took advantage of the DS hardware.

It's a weird title and I think it has a lot going for it, mostly the charm Linebeck has as a secondary character who's always interacting with you. The sailing is a bit worse than Wind Waker but not terribly offensive and the dungeons are overall fun. The biggest complaint people have is how many times you go into the Temple of the Ocean King but honestly every time you entered it you had a new tool that would skip most of if not all of the challenges previously gone through so it didn't really feel like doing the same thing over and over again. I think it's pretty fun!

Really solid Zelda game, I think this has the most fun Zelda items by far, just because of the way you control the boomerang, hook, bombchu, etc...
Really solid overall, but sailing was so slow it made me not want to explore the world at all.

A showcase of the DS stylus screen (and mic) functionalities in a decent Zelda game. Mapping, cruising the ship (which I actually enjoy more than in WW) and puzzles make great use of the stylus but controlling Link with only that is a bit clunky imo.
Was hoping a little more from the story as a continuation from Wind Waker, but it was is pretty much just a nice self-contained story with WW Link and new characters, Tetra only shows up in the beginning and end, only to be absolutely wasted.

So many damn good ideas at play here, I just wish I just didn't have to do any boat stuff. Temple of the Ocean King is based as hell.

What a boring, ugly Zelda game. The structure is tedious, forcing multiple runs of a long central dungeon, the story is totally forgettable, and the puzzles are too gimmicky. We get it, the DS has a touchscreen.
The ocean exploration is boring as sin, because the DS's limitations kill any sense of adventure to be had. It feels like slowly floating around a kiddie pool.
This is in my opinion the only truly bad Zelda game (made by Nintendo). Spirit Tracks, which I never finished, at least had a memorable gimmick and fun story from what I played.

it's a really fun game. the temple of the ocean king becomes a bit repetitive, but the other dungeons were really fun. linebeck is a fun companion, simply because he's a little asshole, but with a good heart. the touch controls work rather well in this game, especially during the boat sections. it's not a game i plan on revisiting anytime soon, but the time i spent with it was enjoyable!

Pretty good. Would never play it again, though.

was too young to finish it, couldn't read and accidentally deleted my save file in public and cried while sitting in a shopping cart, the sea king temple thingy is the worst, but the game is not as bad as ppl say

Esta bien pero los controles parecen hechos por 2 simios

Zelda siempre será sinónimo de calidad e innovación, y eso queda completamente demostrado en la primera aventura de Link para la portátil de dos pantallas de Nintendo. Con Phantom Hourglass, las bondades de la pantalla táctil son utilizadas al 100% y es el título que aprovecha tales cualidades de la mejor manera posible, implementando nuevas mecánicas de juego, refrescando la franquicia y añadiendo un nuevo estándar para los juegos de la gran leyenda en las portátiles de la compañía nipona. Si bien es probablemente el Zelda más caricaturesco y cómico hasta la fecha, eso no le quita majestuosidad ni mucho menos calidad. Es un cartucho que te mantendrá entretenido de principio a fin, con una historia que pudo ser mejor, pero con una jugabilidad que no se puede comparar con nada.

Fun and underrated. Linebeck is one of the best Zelda characters and the gameplay is very weird to get used to but fun outside of Temple of the Ocean King. Shoutout to the bosses, they're pretty cool.

Linebeck is the best Zelda character.

Which do you treasure more. Zelda or your DS touchscreen?

special zelda game, i like agua

Phantom Hourglass is a portable sequel to Wind Waker, but just about everything from that game that returns here is worse. Things that used to be simple, like digging up treasure are now made so over-complicated by Nintendo having to implement these awful touch screen controls.
The only neat part about any of the touch controls was being able to mark over your own map. The little bit of fun could be had in drawing lines from one side to the other to try to figure out exactly where treasure was, or marking your map with the names and symbols you needed for your quest, or writing down solutions for puzzles. But it just makes me wish that it could be in a much better game.
And that's because the game is such a boring slog. Boring quests, boring bosses, boring overworld, and an awful AWFUL control scheme. If the d-pad romhack did not exist I would not have had the patience to finally finish this game. The only thing I outright liked was the grappling hook. That thing had so much utility, they could have built a whole game around it, and they should have. Instead, all that utility gets relegated to pretty much one dungeon. Yippee...
Then there's the Temple of the Ocean King. Oh man. I was not prepared. This is one that I heard so many people talk about how bad it was, and I still was not prepared. Believe me, it's as bad as everyone makes it sound. It is so FUCKING repetitive having to go through the same puzzles all over again every time. And having it be timed added NO tension at all, just annoyance. Especially when having to stealth, or getting killed by phantoms and having time be deducted from your hourglass.
The characters in the story were extremely bland. Your fairy companion is sassy, but less so than Tatl, Linebeck is the typical cowardly companion, and the final boss is so boring, you barely hear about him before someone tells you, go fight him. Nobody makes any significant impact. I seriously doubt that I would be able to name any of the new characters from this game 1 month from now.
The only bright spot is that it can only get better from here.

This is a decent game overall (the colorful graphics are nice even though Link got uglier after Wind Waker) but playing with the stylus is kind of annoying and it doesn’t do anything to stand out, especially among the Zelda series.

The rest of the game is decent but bro that fucking TEMPLE...
Linebeck is easily one of my favourite Zelda characters though.

Played this on the DS in my youth, It may have had some flaws but it was nice.

Going into this I was not sure what to expect. With the previous titles, I had at least some idea of what the game was going to be. It being a Zelda DS game is all I knew about Phantom Hourglass. Now that I have finished the game I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with it. It's a cozy cute lil LoZ adventure that at times feels a bit gimmicky with the touchscreen controls but never too much. Besides the multiple returns to the temple of the sea king, I had a good time with this. Fun game to end 2022 with.
I really want to play The Wind Waker now, please Nintendo make it accessible.

I adore this game, my only gripe is having to redo the temple from the beginning each time, as a kid it really didn't bother me, but now, I understand how unnecessary it is.

Fun game, but having to go back through the Temple of the Ocean King was tedious.

got it secondhand for realy cheap. took me like 2 years to understand enough english to get out of the tutorial but then I loved it. love my little boat

I never really hear Zelda fans talk about this game much. My impression was that it was one of the worse Zelda games. However, honestly I liked this game a lot. The elephant in the room... The control scheme. I hated it at first, but over my playtime, I slowly adjusted to it, when eventually it wasn't a bother anymore. Now that thats acknowledged. Why do I like this so much?
Honestly, this game has some of the best Zelda puzzles in the series if I'm honest. And it's thanks to the touchscreen. A lot of puzzles require you to draw on the map to solve them, like mark two locations on a map and draw a perpendicular line to find the hidden treasure. Stuff like that. These were really fleshed out, making my own notes and using the map in the puzzle solving is genius. One of my favorite puzzles required you to go to an unmarked island, DRAW THE ENTIRE ISLAND ON YOUR MAP (yes you heard me correctly), the shape of an island was a whale, then you have to go to parts of the whale to hit switches in order. That was when my mind got blown. They really didnt hold back with puzzles. The touchscreen offers a lot of other cool uses, like being able to trace out the path of a boomerang which had cool puzzle uses or tracing out the path of a bombchu. I just think the puzzles were really neat in this game. They were super engaging.
Like any Zelda game, this has a lot of polish, this looks fantastic for a DS game, the cutscenes are really well animated and have a lot of energy. The game perfectly emulates Windwakers art style on the DS, it's super charming. The sea exploration was super relaxing, it's why I like it in Sonic Rush Adventure so much (also on DS). And Linebeck is such a goat, top 2 Zelda characters if I'm honest. More Zelda games should have human companions.
My only real problem with this game is the Ocean Temple, which gets old fast. Cool idea but repeating puzzles gets old fast. And sometimes combat can feel inconsistent and not register inputs. But overall, I think this game is highly underrated. This is definitely no slouch compared to the other Zelda games.

A so-so Zelda game, but a great use of the DS's hardware and gimmicks.

This one's okay. The Temple of the Ocean King gets too much flak. Gleeok being in this one is fun, love when underused Zelda 1 bosses get to show back up. Now where's Aquamentus been...

Have a soft spot as if was technically my frist Zelda game- before I properly got into it later.
Defintely very gimmicky and relies alot on the touch screen which is a very notable detractor for most. But I also enjoy games like pokemin ranger so this isnt a problem for me. Also the main temple you go back go often is a complaint from most which I can understand but I also cant see how tbe story works without it.
its the only 2d- too down zelda I can really get myself to olay due to the nostalgia, I'm morr of a 3d zelda fan. Not to dennote the importance of the 2d top down ones just not my thing as much.

When this game was first announced, I was excited that we were getting a new top down Zelda game. Since I was interested on what they could pull off after Minish Cap. Unfortunately that excitement turned into dissapointment once I got my hands on the game. Everything is touch screen only. All those buttons that could've done something just opens menus. Even the dpad is not used to move Link. The game itself could've been better. It picks up where Wind Waker left off but stuff happen and you're forced to search for Tetra.
I might finish this game in the future, but my initial impression is dissapointment. And I'm pretty sure it won't change since I really don't like what they tried to do with this entry.