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only good if you mod it to hell and back. with mods, its like 3.5 or 4 stars

Played the game when it was free. Not as good as previous Sims games. Absolutely refuse to pay for any of the hundreds of dollars worth of DLC.


Has its flaws, but I like it.

The controls on the PS4 are the worst controls I have ever used. It took me about 30 hours to actually get decent at them, but I was still pressing wrong buttons

i have nearly 700 hours logged in the sims 4.

game blueballed me by censoring woohoo :(

seriously though, without dlc it really sucks

I love the sims 4 but I vibe with the sims 3 more.

they nerfed the hell out of it sims 3 remains superior

yeah yeah i downloaded wickedwhims u caught me congrats

This game has a good character creator and nice graphics that don't lag like Sims 3, but it feel so lacking in every other department, and EA's classic Sims DLC model is at its worst with this game. Tragic

i think the only reason why im not shitting on it more is because i played it with mods and my first sims was the mobile one

I’ll take the lack of open world for a game that runs. Sim sculpting is a game changer, but lack of create a style is incredibly unfortunate.

Último jogo de The Sims da história
o 2 e o 3 são bem melhores
mas ele continua sendo legal se for jogar de vez em quando.

Sims slaps, but the expansion packs are lacking especially for their price point.

fellas is it weird to watch sim versions of your friends kiss in front of a burning refrigerator while their bright green "dog" shits on the floor?

Definitely played enough by now to justify a rating. I was a sucker for Sims 3 and 2, would always switch between them just because I liked how each one played.

As for 4, the upgrade in graphics are nice and the quality of life improvements are pretty good by 2020 but the lack of an open world killed it for me from the start. It's still an enjoyable game if you like Sims but I think I'd prefer 3 even if it runs at 10fps.

pretends to have a breakdown and smashes my laptop before my boyfriend can see ive been making me and majima kiss in the sims.

not as charming as 2, but definitely a lot better than 3 if you happen to have the dlc

this is a weak sims game and has a lot of problems because of EA. that said............. i don't want to talk about how many hours i've logged into this.

shoutout to all the lesbian families i made before my game crashed and i lost everything <3

the sims 4 was so underwhelming at the beginning

holy shit the dlcs ruin the game. still fun to make my sim have sex heehee