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Fun and creative puzzle game that fall juuuuust short of greatness. A game that will make you ask "what is the question?" instead of "what is the answer?" - not an easy balancing act (and one that the game does stumble during), but when the tight rope is as thick and hard as the one in TRI: Of Friendship and Madness, you can't help but hop back on even after you've fallen.

-1 one star because the last puzzle had WAY too much bloom going on. I mean, really, it's like they took the bloom dial and cranked that motherfucker up to 11.

Oh while we're on the subject of incredibly minor nitpicks, it'd be cool if there were other options aside from unlimited FPS or 30 FPS. I had to choose betwen my PC sounding like a turbo jet as it renders TRI: Of Friendship and Madness at 470 fps or being a console player. "This game would be great for Switch". Fuck you, don't make me beta test the 30 fps mode. Assholes.

One of my favorite puzzle games ever. Definitely a hidden gem that I think is criminally underrated. I adore nearly everything about this game, it's a truly joyous and wonderful thing.