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Huge improvement over the previous Uncharted games in gameplay, visuals, and storytelling. Great game and solid ending to the Uncharted series.

Disclaimer: These are my brief thoughts based on my memory of playing this 7 years ago:

If these games werent fun and charming we might not be stuck in the age of unoriginal copy cat writing.
im still glad they exist though.

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I can’t believe they got the guy from spider man to be in the game

I think this is the closest thing I'd consider to a perfect game, if that does exist.
I suspect it's because I've come to expect excellence from Naughty Dog but Among Theives still trumps this one because the impact it had on me at the time but that being said this game is virtually faultless.

Nice story and cool gameplay with many different features of parkour. Indeed one of the best games for Ps4.

Up there with the last of us imo

Would be my favorite in the franchise but too much stuff is holding it back sadly.
Getting the good stuff out of the way and this might be my favorite to play in the series. Really enjoyed how open they made encounters with the new stealth and hook system being a ton of fun to mess around with. Also thought Nate's character was my favorite this time around as it really feels like he's grown between entries, with both Sully and Elena also having great moments throughout. This also continues with Rafe Adler being my favorite villain in the series, being a failed version of Drake and being such a jealous prick its great. Last thing I'll say is this is one of the prettiest PS4 games, with insane amounts of detail and phenomenal animation work.
Biggest issue i have with Uncharted 4 would absolutely be how poorly paced the adventure feels, with the slowest start in the series by far with way too much walking n talking that gets in the way of the gunplay. This hurts more since while I enjoyed Rafe, the other new characters don't feel as good. Sam suffers from obviously only existing in Uncharted 4 and kinda being boring, while Nadine doesn't really do much in the story and feeling like an afterthought.
As I've said before A Thief's End isn't a bad game and is one of the better Uncharted games but I definitely liked 2 more. A decent conclusion to Nathan Drakes story.

Finished the game with a good feeling. The ending was just lovely.

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This review contains spoilers

This is better than the first 3 Uncharted games. The Story is that after Nathan Drake retired from treasure hunting, his brother who he thought was dead returns to him, telling him that he needs to find Henry Avery's treasure to pay off a man who will kill him (Sam) if Nathan doesn't help him, this is the best story of the four, the emotion, character moments, the various locations weren't as varied as before, there are a number of "blow your mind away" moments like the last game had, but none that reach the level of amazement of the plane scene from the last game ,although this game doesn't need to, the story is more than enough to be superior than it's predecessors, and the ending, for me the best act in the whole franchise "unless Lost Legacy somehow has a better one which I doubt", don't listen to IGN, the third act isn't bloated is bested by none. The Characters are better than before, the returning characters have more backstory, and meaningful moments overall, especially Nathan and new character Sam... Elena and Sully are great as well, the minor characters we don't see much of, are also great and developed, like people who feel like there is more to them than we saw, the main villain is my favorite villain of the series, even more than Marlowe due to his backstory really pushing these new villains to become greater characters than before, and Nadine is a good threatening secondary villain as well, but I do find it hard to believe that any female "no matter how much training they could have had" could ever take on multiple men at the same time as well as Nadine did, but aside from that unbelievable moment, she is still someone who you hope you don't have to face off against. The Graphics are the best, even better than the first 3, it looks like it couldn't be better, even with perfect live action, graphics with no pixels wouldn't improve it's majesty, and has many moments beautiful to look at, especially when driving around, and sliding down slippery slopes. The Gameplay is the same as before, but with extra notes that can be found for Nathan's journal, a grapple hook to swing across ledges, slopes to slide down, and a jeep that you can drive around in certain areas, all these are fun, and never get tiring, and don't forget to play on explorer mode if you want the enemies to go down with a few torso (chest) shots. Music is also great as it has always been, with tracks that beautifully drag you into the moment, the best one for me has to be the one that plays just after Nathan and Elena drive their jeep up the biggest elevator on, at the end of chapter 18. Uncharted 4 IS the masterpiece that critics and fans have been calling it.

história baita, gameplay baita, música baita, gráficos baita

a really good game with an outstanding story, breathtaking graphics, i really recommend playing but first play the first three games.
there is a handy trilogy free with ps plus, the fourth is also free with ps plus.

The greatest presentation and story in the series. The pacing is slow to start, but it helps to show the difference in Nate’s life from the previous 3 games while showing off some great visuals. The combat is expanded with better emphasis on stealth and the rope mechanic adds so much to this game in particular feeling like a modern day Indiana Jones. While there are some plot holes, the character interaction and more grounded narrative spark intense emotion leading to an amazing and fulfilling ending. Always go back and forth between this game and Among Thieves as my favorite in the series.

Uncharted has always been the frontrunner of cinematic presentation in video games, but it's always been a backhanded compliment to say that this series' defining quality is how well it imitates something it's not. Like Uncharted 3 before it, Uncharted 4's story, more specifically its dedication to its characters, elevates it as more than just a movie with a half-baked video game on top.
The story is pretty much just the Incredibles: a husband gets drawn back into the life of his glory days, ends up marooned and alone on a tropical island, and is saved by the people who love him. And as someone whose favorite movie is the Incredibles, I'm completely down for this.
The first seven chapters are perfect. The pacing, the amount of gunfights, how it sets up Nate and Sam's backstories, introducing Nadine Ross the scariest badass motherfucker in this series, the gorgeous graphics and aesthetics of its locales, the continually impressive performances and cinematography, how the game shows the passage of time at the auction house and when Nate meets Sam again, the slow mundane moments of chapters 3 and 4, they couldn't make it better if they tried.
The thematic journey that Nate takes, mirrored by all the pirates he's tracking down, isn't subtle but is still perfectly poetic. Despite being just as smart if not smarter than the dead pirate kings they're tracking down, neither of the brothers are wise enough to learn the lesson that all of those pirates failed to learn, and their one-way ticket to self-destruction becomes more and more apparent the deeper they dig themselves. The idea of a pirate utopia is so absurd it's nearly comical, and it makes you wonder how anyone, especially the very pirates who founded it, could possibly believe in such a fairy tale, or be surprised that it ended the way it did. But that absurdity is easy to look past because, like Uncharted 3, the story serves its characters over its plot.
It starts to lose me a bit once chapter 8 hits though. The environments are gorgeous, but the pacing begins to falter a bit as the really open areas of the world tour take a bit too long and yet simultaneously take up a fraction of the game's run time, compared to the island which takes nearly half the runtime. On top of that, the character building is put on the back-burner for too long. Sam is the devil on Nate's shoulder, constantly tempting him more and more to the life he rightfully left behind, disguised behind deceit and false guilt. Elena is the angel, the princess who saves him, despite everything he did to betray their trust. Sully is the Jiminy Cricket on his hypothetical third shoulder, his compass that never forces him in any direction and stays with him regardless, but who does his best to steer him towards what's right. The problem is that we don't get enough of these relationships. Sam and Nate are the most fleshed out, but anytime they're on the brink of real tension or change in their relationship, they discover some new path to the treasure and that moment gets postponed. Elena and Nate have some of the best moments in the franchise; this is my favorite iteration of Elena easily, but their tension is also continually postponed and ultimately unresolved. I had moments where I thought to myself "maybe this is the one that doesn't have a happy ending..." but the game is never bold enough to allow for those conversations to happen. Sully, sadly, also just doesn't get enough. He's just kinda there, but he's still fun at least.
That being said, the epilogue is perfect, as is the climactic final boss. Nothing in this game surpasses the spectacle of Uncharted 3, but it's still fantastic and finishes its thematic journey for its characters. And thank God that it's finally a treasure that doesn't have some stupid magic bullshit that transforms everyone into zombies. It's just treasure, and the true corruption comes from the journey itself. Beautiful.

I think developers' main goal with this game was to create a spectacle, amazing visuals, and impressive story. However, with the gameplay, not really interesting. Just another third person game.

Sam was a bit shoehorned in but still great game

Nathan, go on another adventure, so I can play Uncharted 5

The 4th entry in the Call of Duty franchise manages to have more interesting combat arenas and a grapple hook which makes shooting thousands of bad guys and saying "oh crap" that much cooler. Play on Crushing difficulty for actual fun.

I finally get it now. Uncharted 4 is the best game of all time. It's better than Spider-Man. It's better than Devil May Cry 5. It's better than Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. It's better than Red Dead Redemption 2. It's better than Sunset Overdrive. It's a work of art. It's the culmination of the history of mankind's pieces of fiction. It's the zenith of natural creativity. It is the single greatest piece of art ever created. It makes the Sistine Chapel look like something a five year old drew. It makes the Acropolis look like four legos stacked together. It makes The Godfather look like a home video. Anything and everything, all that is considered "art" pales in comparison to this masterpiece. Without a doubt in my mind, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is single-handedly the greatest story ever told. When RDR2 was marked as my favorite game, I didn’t take the time to review it. When Spider-Man was marked as my favorite game, I didn’t take the time to review it. When Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was marked as my favorite game, I didn’t take the time to review it. But on the same day I finished Uncharted 4, I reviewed it. That should tell you something.

like it's cool and first time playing it I liked it

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Melhor jogo já feito, perfeito, cabuloso, final foda pra série.

The end of evangelion of video games

Primeiro jogo da geração do ps4 que joguei então me marcou muito nunca tinha visto nenhum jogo com os gráficos e detalhes igual a esse, e os personagens sa incríveis tbm.

My millionth time playing. Started using photo mode and now my life will never be the same