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I think i understand why my grandma is addicted to slot machines now

Finally played the originator of the survivors-like genre and after few 15-20 min runs a revelation came upon me, just in time to save me from submitting to the clutches of this evil.
The ever-increasing numbers, the treasure chests, the lists with unlocks? In the end they result in nothing.
They are just there to keep you hooked, to continually feed your satisfaction as if through a drip.
If you like using only one hand, you might as well play some visual novels or point-n-click adventure games.
Hell, even jerking-off would likely be better choice.
The game and the sub-genre it spawned-off is one of the most foul creations I have encountered. It belongs in the same hell-pit as pay2win games and greedy gacha.

Baller the best time waster game ever made

William S. Sessions, Director, FBI.

Che dire del "patriottico" Vampire Survivor...
Sono rimasto folgorato da un gameplay fondamentalmente semplice, in cui esiste solamente un comando, quello del movimento. In un certo senso, si può dire che sia un gioco che si gioca da solo.
Pieno di armi, power up, modalità di gameplay, segreti, personaggi giocabili e nemici, ognuno dei quali possedente una descrizione unica, Vampire Survivors ha il grande pregio di riuscire a tenerti incollato al pad per ore ed ore senza mai annoiarti.
Altro aspetto che ho trovato interessante è il fatto che venga premiata la sperimentazione: più armi diverse usi, più abilità diverse acquisisci, più personaggi diversi utilizzi, più aumenta la probabilità che a fine run si sblocchi qualcosa di nuovo e interessante, come livelli, armi o personaggi. Ma non solo a fine run, anche nella run stessa è possibile, tramite certe combinazioni, far evolvere le proprie armi, in pieno stile Ratchet & Clank.
La trama in un titolo come questo è, chiaramente, secondaria e trascurabile, sebbene abbia degli spunti interessanti nella sua assurdità nosense.
L'unica, grossa, pecca di questo gioco è che in fin dei conti sia esteticamente antiquato e con un level design banale. C'è poca esplorazione all'interno delle mappe e, soprattutto in late game, diventa un po' frustrante dover rivedere sempre gli stessi pattern ambientali per tutta la durata di tutte le partite.
Fortunatamente, questo non basta per cancellare in me il ricordo di decine e decine di ore di relax e divertimento.
Consigliato a tutti, soprattutto agli italiani che potranno comprendere meglio le citazioni e i giochi di parole.

It's incredible to have witnessed the birth of a new sub-genre in gaming as the result of an experimental, no-budget, indie release. Words almost don't do justice the significance this game has had, once again reminded us as players and consumers that indie games are what drive the ecosystem and market forward, and that we must always be vigilant for(and even more importantly, open to try) obscure games that may cross our paths.
There's no way around it, this is a must play, as in, you must at least try this game. The gameplay is as simple as possible yet it hits some primal nerves that make it ring the dopamine bells inside you.

Simple and effective. The game manages to have many enemies and projectiles on screen at once but still retains visual clarity. After enough playthrough though the game does feel too easy to win every run.

Vampire Survivors es sin duda el juego que más me ha jodido que me arrebaten. Era mi zona de confort, mi antes de dormir y a veces mis tantas de la noche. Muy feo y, a la vez, muy bonito, identitario, adictivo, cómico, necesita un poco de Loop Hero. Pero realmente así esta bien.

Fantastic time waster and fun time just fucking around. Good shit.

A quantidade pornográfica de desbloqueáveis que não aumentam a longevidade da gameplay nem a mantém fresca me afasta demais de sequer abrir o jogo sem intuito algum, mas é poggers no ínicio

Feels like a good time to shelve this, maybe I’ll come back to Vampire Survivors eventually. This made for a great touch screen phone game while I held my newborn to get her to fall asleep, and I put in 15 hours or so over various nights the last few weeks. On the surface, Vampire Survivors is one of the simplest games I’ve ever played- you see your 8-bit style character from a 3/4 perspective and literally only control the direction they move in, as hordes of thousands of enemies constantly chase you down. How long can you survive? Move into the right spot and you’ll automatically deploy your weapons; kill enough enemies and you’ll get to select more weapons and upgrades as you slowly become a walking bringer of death. I went from not enjoying this for a couple hours, to figuring out how to play it and loving it for about ten, til I finally hit a wall and seemed to be getting nowhere about halfway through the game. I’ve experimented with lots of different setups and the further I get from Genarro the more fruitless runs I’ve had, killing my interest. I think I’ll come back to this again at some point, but I won’t force it.

This game is charmingly simple and addicting. It's kind of fascinating how different each session can feel when you can only directly control your character's movement. It's good fun to make a cool build with what the game throws at you, then relax and look at the pretty lights while everything blows up.

One of the best games to watch youtube from the side

é um bom jogo, divertido e viciante mas o pessoal faz uma propaganda como se fosse a melhor coisa já feita pelo ser humano

this game is exactly what it wants to be with a grossly deep well of silly content for the price point

Came back to this game after playing it a good bit on release, holy heck the stuff and secrets that have been added with such love an detail are keeping me so so engaged, every secret is a little puzzle and the seratonin of having op builds never gets olddddd, (also the music goes so hard for no apparent reason)
v good to mindlessly pour hours into/pos

Very convoluted, when it looks like you're out of things to do the game just lets you deduce that you haven't touched even 20% of all the characters.
Nothing like becoming too OP and killing thousands of thousands of enemies while staying absolutely still in the endgame; weirdly addicting, altough I'll admit, I needed some help to unlock some characters.

прекрасная убивалка времени на телефончик, главное не погрязнуть в ней на весь день. Удивительно что игра абсолютно бесплатная.

sorry babe cant fuck rn busy playing peak

O JOGO PERFEITO para passar o tempo, é viciante e divertido até um certo grau, mas nunca me deixou entediado pela sua complexidade e variedade

The game is so addicting, you start and suddenly it's 4 hours later.

I'm not sure if I'm all that into it, I was having fun with it at first but it gets pretty mindless. I can understand why people might be into that though, the gameplay is simple enough to where it might be fun to play while watching YouTube or something else.

What if instead of doing anything productive, you watched number go up in 30 minute intervals?

way too fun for it's own good. will literally spend 30 minutes going through a run before I even realize it. maybe they just shouldn't make the game this fun? idk tho