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in the past

Não tao bom quanto o primeiro para mim, mas muito bom ainda

Não gosto de jogo de futebol, muito menos de corrida

Cute, relaxing and heart-warming all in one. Wish there were more games exactly like this one, all about unpacking stuff.

Igual aquela cena do the office:

Weird noises, weird visuals, and an odd story all meld into a funky fun puzzle games. Easy to understand but the expert mode will test you. I really enjoyed its pick up and playability.

pode por qualquer coisa fazendo qualquer ação, muito bom

Jogo de tiro com magia kkkk

Bom igual o primeiro, só fingir que não existe outro depois desse

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Prefiro o final falso do que o verdadeiro

Much maligned for being a dumbing down of a beloved classic, dragon age inquisition is an enjoyable action rpg with beautiful locations to explore. The story is engaging, and the content is vast - too vast. Do yourself a favor and leave the hinterlands! Don’t be a completionist!
With Trespassers, it’s an excellent game. Without it, it’s fun but just that.

o piorzinho da franquia, mas mesmo assim é bom

this game is Still Not Good, it is a bit of a step in the right direction but this game is still ass. had fun playing it tho so ill give it a slightly positive review

great game because you get to give elon musk a dogshit pizza