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Ummmm so this was a game. Loved the concept of twin assassins and making your own gang and the train but those were only the cool parts of this game everything else was meh. Can’t remember the story for the life of me but it must’ve not been all that. After this game they stopped releasing games every year and came back with origins a few years later so I can’t say if it was a good comeback but odyssey was amazing so hey.

Platinum #104 I thought the setting was intriguing as I do like a bit of Victorian England, but it's kinda just mid. I came across a fair amount of bugs, characters not loading into cutscenes properly, police with spiderman powers, etc.
Overall its kinda just mediocre at best and the platinum wasnt too much of a pain either just a colllectathon as it is with most Ubi games.

É um AC:Unity só que agora em Londres e com rachas entre carroças. A coisa mais interessante aqui é um gancho de escalada que agiliza 90% da locomoção em vários momentos. As missões tem as opções de assinato único, algo que achei muito bacana no Unity.
Infelizmente, como todos os jogos da Ubisoft, a dirigibilidade é terrível, tornando os rachas entre carroças as missões mais difíceis. O sistema de upar tira muitas funções básicas dos assassinos para serem compradas. Fora que aquelas brigas entre gangues se tornam muito chatas e repetitivas.
Infelizmente, os protagonistas aqui tem carisma ZERO, o que salva aqui é somente a dublagem mesmo. Mas, se você gostou do Unity vai gostar desse.

messy game feels very of the time as well
i have no desire to came back to this

bad game no chimney sweeping mini game

you know, maybe it's just because unlike unity this game actually works most of the time, but i liked this a lot more than i did last time

The map is pretty cool in this one because it's London but story and gameplay-wise it's so mid like every other Assassin's Creed

underrated as fuck, jacob and evie are amazing (but I'm biased cause I'm a twin) london is beautiful, having your hideout in a moving train is so fucking fun?? love it

Uma história legal e uma belíssima jogabilidade, a evolução dos tempos da inglaterra são muito bem ambientadas e uma boa solução para movimentação feita

For me, the best Assassin's Creed game of all time (tied with Black Flag). I'll admit maybe it's because of my passion for the industrial revolution era, but still, really loved this game.

Скучный сюжет, плохие анимации, унылый геймплей. Всё хорошее было взято из Unity.