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in the past

Really fun game, a classic, just feels dated.

Pretty good game. Probably the most casual gaming experience you could ever get. 3,5/5

Masterpiece. Jogo de 2004 com um mundo mais vivo que muitos jogos lançados hoje em dia.

Eu tinha medo do Big Smoke quando eu jogava sozinho, eu achava que ele ia me esmagar.

se vc um dia se pega falando mal desse jogo, vc nao tem afeto paterno ou materno. vc é chato. vc quer se destacar dos outros, pagar de diferentão.

you picked the wrong house, fool

a masterpiece of a game, a relic, really fun to play, relaxing graphics, the old poligonal style doesn't ruin the fun even today in 2023, playing it is really a throwback to old days, very recommended.
i dropped it for a bit but i really want to return on it asap.

it still feels amazing to play this game. the amount of content and very detailed world... truly amazing.

tem nem oque falar, melhor jogo de todos os tempos.

I still intend to beat the game, because at the time I bought it, they were modified versions, besides that I was very young and only played for fun.