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Fun game, but diificult to just pick up

I've tried so hard to give the Budokai Tenkaichi series a chance, but if I wanna play a DBZ game I'm gonna play one of the Budokai games instead.

lots of people say this is the best entry point into playing touhou, which i more or less agree with. but something a lot of people dont mention is how the game makes you think its going to be easy as fuck until you beat Alice and then every stage afterwards beats your ass in an increasingly sadistic way. at least the music makes the suffering worth it

I think a game is only as good as it's entertainment value and for as silly and low budget as crab game is, it's one of the most fun games I have played when it was at the heights of it's popularity.

A phenomenal expansion to Persona 5 and a delightful experience overall. This game is better than the original Persona 5 in every respect except one: there is one boss fight which is unforgivable in its poor design choices, and that's the solitary blemish on what is otherwise a flawless game.

Coming late to a franchise as old as Zelda is a funny thing. See, I got this game the day it came out. Back then, I was fairly new to the series, so I didn't know about the template Zelda games had been following for years. As such, I completely understand why there are such a diversity of opinions on Skyward Sword. Much like Twilight Princess, those who played this as one of their first Zelda games tend to love it. Series veterans, on the other hand, often bemoan the lack of new ideas.
While I like Skyward Sword, the veterans are not wrong in their assessment. The "new" elements of Skyward Sword are refinements of ideas from past Zeldas. The silent realms were just better Twilight sections, flying was another mode of transportation like Wind Waker's sailing, and the story hit similar beats to previous games. What's worse is that Skyward Sword failed with ideas that past entries got right. The Sky competes with Ocarina of Time's Hyrule Field for the most barren overworld in the series; the motion-based combat, while fun to me, is seen as shallow by some because directional swinging is all you do (something I cannot disagree with); Fi was a downgrade from Midna in every way for reasons everyone knows; and the game felt the need to tell you about items CONSTANTLY. I KNOW WHAT AN AMBER RELIC IS!!!
The flaws of Skyward Sword on Wii are so prevalent that I do not blame anyone for dismissing the game entirely, even with the QoL features in the HD version. Some issues, like the game's linearity, cannot be "fixed" without changing the core experience. Regardless, I still value several of its features. The aforementioned silent realms are thrilling, several of the characters are amazing, the orchestral soundtrack is good, and several of the dungeons are among the most imaginative in Zelda history.
The dungeons are actually the key to why I enjoy Skyward Sword so much. They have always been my favorite part of Zelda and were designed extremely well in Skyward Sword, but Nintendo also did something fairly unique by designing the three surface worlds like dungeons. They incorporated loads of environmental puzzles requiring a decent level of critical thinking. These types of puzzles are not new to Zelda, but previous games rarely had you solve them in areas outside of dungeons. I believe this was a great idea, as the content between dungeons in other Zelda games often came across as filler (catch a fish, talk to these NPCs, obtain these random items, etc). There was still some of that in Skyward Sword, especially later on, but for the most part, the game gave you a puzzle to solve and incrementally rewarded you with more interesting puzzles and story progress. The game kept my attention the whole way through and I would personally like to see more handcrafted challenges like these in future Zelda games.
The last thing I will address is the game's linearity. I'm not opposed to linear games. In fact, I usually prefer them over open-ended games because they often have a harder time crafting unique challenges for the player. However, Zelda was created to be about exploration and this entry did not have that, even though the Sky would have been a perfect place for it. One could argue that its linearity created a more focused adventure, but one need only look at previous 3D Zeldas to see how Skyward Sword didn't need to sacrifice its exploration. With the exception of Breath of the Wild, all of the 3D Zeldas are linear. Despite this, they felt expansive and packed a respectable amount of optional content in their worlds. Skyward Sword did have optional Skyloft quests and collectibles, but the world felt small, and that is unfortunate.
Skyward Sword is not a bad game. It's worth a playthrough if you prefer Zelda to be all about dungeons, puzzles, and epic storytelling. It satisfied me, but it won't satisfy everyone. I'm okay with that though. The series experienced an important shift in its design philosophy going forward and it wouldn't have happened if Skyward Sword wasn't so flawed. If nothing else, it is part of the series' legacy and should be remembered, warts and all.

This is the best Final Fantasy game. I won't be taking questions at this time.

Always felt like the cool kid when I played as Pojo at the arcade.

This a pretty disappointing sequel/follow up the the original tales from the borderlands. Which is a shame because I really like the original game.
This game easily has the worst writing in the entire series. I think that nearly all of the jokes in the game are unfunny and are somehow even worse than most of the jokes in bl3. And early every character in the game is either incredibly annoying or they contribute so little to the plot and make you wonder what the point of them even being included in this game. The only characters in the story I actually ended up liking was Lou13 and Octavio to a small extent.

i think andrew hussie shouldve died before act 6 maybe even act 5 act 2

É incrível como cada capítulo lançado esse jogo só melhora! Aqui temos que cuidar da casa de um homem famoso, porém tem alguém tentando entrar nessa casa. Um pppsicopata ou uma pessoa já conhecida?

I can't tell you why this game is so great; please play it to find out.

My personal favorite game of all time, Wind Waker combines the classic 3D Zelda formula with a creative and immersive open world that (despite being slow to explore sometimes) completely sells the high seas fantasy.

Amazing atmosphere, visuals and imagery, but good luck playing that without a guide or the bicycle. The mysterious nature of the game is both it's greatest strength and it's worst flaw when it comes to gameplay. I'm giving it props based on it's pioneer status and how influential it was (and still is) to the indie scene as a whole, but in all honesty, all this wandering around aimlessly and confused was a chore that bogged down the excitement of discovering a new event or location, specially when the maps loop infinitely and you can get lost for quite a long while.

One of the best JRPGs I've ever played and certainly one of the longest. This is a titanic game but its lovable characters, excellent plotting, and brilliant gameplay will keep you engaged from start to finish.

i think the game works now but the damage it did to me on release day will never heal

Jogo bom da porra, definitivamente uma das melhores experiências que tive em toda a minha vida! Life is Strange não é só um passatempo, muito mais que isso, foi um conjunto de sentimentos inexplicáveis... OBRIGADO! Eu simplesmente amo o acaso, decidi jogar literalmente DO NADA e acabei por achar uma obra de arte. Com certeza será inesquecível! Aproveitem a jornada e podem ir fundo que o bagulho é bom. "Não podemos adiar o inevitável."

Tank controls are awful and you can't change my mind. The visuals are really nice and some of the puzzles are fun but it was just a lot of running around finding where a key goes then running to an item box to take out one item then running back. It got very tedious and I just prefer the more action/puzzle games that came later than this nearly fully puzzle game. It;s still worth playing for anyone who hasn't tried it though.

Decent fighting game under the hood, but just doesn't have enough charm or content to hold you over.

I tried so hard as a kid to get anywhere in this game and never did. But I kept playing it.

This game was so gorgeous and fun that it blew my tiny little mind.

Hey, this game is really good. No surprise from such a consistently quality series, but I feel like this one reaches new heights. A great, natural transition to 3D that feels effortless and fun, inventive levels all the way through. The "ruins of civilization" theme adds a lot to the game and gives it a unique melancholy. It also has a great soundtrack and an amazing finishing strech.