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absolute garbage game I would stay far away

Assassins Creed syndicate would be a very good Assassins Creed game if there werent so many bugs.

Good things:
- Story
- World
- Side quests (some of them)
- Mechanics
- Graphics
- Soundtrack
- 2 characters mechanics
- Combat
- A lot of historical apparences

Bad things:
- A LOT of bugs
- Repetetive side quests (some of them)
- Not being able to fast travel while doing missions
- Gang mechanics are rarely useful

The story is about two grown english twins, that are already in the Assassin order.
Their main objective is simple.
Take over the victorian london by killing the cruel templars and their companions that are ruling london.
While being busy with that, they also need to secure the “traditional in the series” piece/s of eden.
Now for the quality of the story.
Assassins creed is known to have two story lines in each game.
One modern and one “acient”.
If i would have to sum it up, the modern story line is pretty mid.
However, talking about the “acient” story line, its not that bad as some people say.
I will even say, that i actually enjoyed i.
By the way, if you like historical apparences in the Assassins creed series, i think you will like this story line more.

What can i say for this topic other than i really liked the world.
If i would have to “remove” my opinion on victorian london, the graphics, the coloring, the npcs and the world structuring overall was just amazing.
Especially for a game that is nearly 10 years old.

Side quests (some of them):
The reason why i wrote “some of them” for this topic is simple.
There are two versions of side quests in this game.
Story focused side quests and district liberation side quests.
Starting with the “bad” ones, the district liberation side quests are very repetetive.
For the comparison, its kinda similar to the first Assassins Creed game, even tho in the first Assassins Creed, it wasnt just side quests, but kinda the whole game.
To be exact, the side quests arent bad, but every district that you can “liberate” has them and they are basically the same but with more difficult enemyes.
I know, they are just side quests and there isnt really a reason to play all of them, but if you are trying to complete the full game, it gets kinda grindy and after one or two districts, it isnt just fun.
For the more story focused side quests i must say, that i enjoyed them.
The reasons behind why i enjoyed them are simple.
They were:
- Original (atleast some of them).
- Focused a lot on historical characters.
- Interesting.
- Fun.
- Short/long enough.

The mechanics in this game are decent.
I enjoyed using the new zipline, that helps climbing more buldings faster and overall improves the parkour experience.
Another mechanic which i enjoyed was the driving.
To be specific:
- The “combat”.
- The physics
- The boost option
Another mechanic which i enjoyed was the
“2 characters mechanic”.
Its mainly because of the different playstyles that each character has, but also because of some unique perks in the skill tree, even tho there really isnt many of them.
This game also focuses a lot on gang mechanics, as you can see in the trailers etc.
Dont get me wrong, calling your gang members to help you etc is fun and it really gives you the feeling of a “gang leader”, however it isnt really usefull, which is kinda shame.
The last mechanic i want to talk about is the
“Not being able to fast travel while doing missions”.
I understand that it could potentionally make some missions easier than it should have been, however most of the time, its just annoying.

Personally, i really enjoyed the combat.
It isnt necessarily easy, but also not necessarily hard.
Its build more on doing comboes with some quicktime events, which i really liked.
Other than that, it is also fast and brutal, as it should have been based on the setting.

All i can say for the soundtrack, is that its good.
Maybe iam just dumb, but i think soundtracks in games have one job.
That job is about fitting in the setting or a specific moment.
By the way, a small reminder: i definitely dont think that its one of the best, i just think its good.

A LOT of bugs:
This is my main issue with this game and also why am i giving this game lower rating than it should have based on the takes above.
I know, this is my 32nd review, so i havent played a lot of games i guess, but still.
To the moment i launched and played this game, i havent experienced this many bugs in any other game.
For example:
- Physics glitches - mainly with carriages.
- Mission glitches - game missunderstanding my death with the death of my assassination target (wtf).
- Npcs dying just because they exit the carrige the wrong way (wtf v2).
- My character literally flying because the carrige did something (yes iam still clueless about some bugs that happened).
- And so on.
Either way, its stil playable, however it definitely messes up the experience.

Overall, its a great game and for sure underrated Assassins Creed game.
(If i forget about the bugs of course).
On sale for 10 euros, its worth it, if you like Assassins creed games or you are just interested in the setting.


a mi me vale mad a mi si me gustó

Last Assassin's Creed I played and probably will play until something drastic changes at Ubisoft. As a Londoner I always enjoy games in the big smoke. The city is realised well here and the game is a fun extension of the Assassin's Creed formula. Does drag on a little when you are completing everything but an enjoyable experience nonetheless.

Pire Assassin's Creed auquel j'ai joué, frr. Le personnage est lourd, t'as l'impression d'avoir un 33 tonnes sur les toits. En plus, c'est plein de bugs. Deux persos pour quoi faire ? Il n'y a presque pas de différence, et l'histoire, je ne m'en souviens même pas tellement jouer était une torture.

conseguiram estragar o melhor evento histórico de todos

Bueno pero no la gran cosa, entretenido.