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the last 2 hours can be pretty frustrating and the whole respawning thing in it i was not a fan of but i overall thought it was a good game with a neat setting and atomphere

Played the PS4 version:
I really enjoyed the setting and ideas that the game explored, but the gameplay itself was a bit lacking. I couldn't really connect with the game, so I really only played it like a horror game, so it probably didn't resonate with me the way it should. I didn't really care about the little sister dilemma until very late in the game, I was more curious about the world and everything.
Possible spoilers: I got the bad ending because of this, and this ending just felt rushed, especially because I must have harvested like, what, 3 or 4 little sisters in the entire game? I saved probably other 2, and other than that I avoided the fights, again, playing like it was a survival horror. So yes, the game didn't grab me the way it should, and I just left saying "cool".

Dr. Nefarious and Andrew Ryan have the same voice actor? Armin Shimerman is the Brando of video game antagonists.

بايوشوك كعالم ليست كما تطلعت إليه جميل صح لكن ليس جميل لدرجة قصوى.
لعبة قصتها أقل ما يقال عنها أسطورية هذا وأنا أتكلم في حدود أحداث اللعبة لكن عندما تعرف لماذا تم توظيف القصة أو لأي سبب صدقني ستصبح واحدة من أفضل التجارب لك

Espetacular é pouco pra este jogo. Ambientação fenomenal, história do mundo cativante, gameplay que ao meu ver envelheceu bem, boa exploração e músicas atmosféricas. Perfeito.