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in the past

releasing an unfinished video game is pretty cyberpunk

my favourite game ive played, dont really get the hate.

Se tivesse o Fernando Mendes invés do Keanu Reeves era um 5/5

I love the setting , lore , visuals , and the god tier soundtrack but what I played of the story was just ok and the side content is very dull. I’m gonna be honest edgerunners baited me into buying this game and it’s my fault

Besides the pretty colors and cool rtx visuals this game falls flat on its face. If this game was like a car it would be a 99 honda civic with $5k rims.

Enjoyable! I like it when gun goes bang and vibe be like "futuristic"

Couldn't get through even the polished PS5 demo. I'm pissed it exists.

totalmente injugable el primer año y medio, a día de hoy 20/03/2023 sigue estando re bugueado y siguen sin haber persecuciones policiales... la historia divina y el ANIME GOD

Night City is really well done, its hard to not dwarfed by it during your time there, the districts have all their own style and during my entire 50ish hour run I never got tired of traversing and exploring it.
If you actually bother doing stuff like gigs and the cyberpsycho capture missions it paints a pretty bleak world. Nobody has truly "made it" in night city, top corpos are left to rot the moment they turn useless to the company, elite soldiers are hunted like dogs once their high amount of cyberware starts acting up. Truly the best you can hope is to live your life in your own terms and die in a blaze of glory.
Now my issue with the game lies in what are the typical pitfalls of open world games. While this alone scores tons of points for night city being an actually fun map to explore and traverse unlike most Ubisoft games there's still a myriad of very dull choices. The skill tree seems overwhelming at first, but then you realize that most of the skills are just "do 2,5% more damage with handguns" or "3% more chances of a crit". The looter shooter aspect just made me groan, its no fun that after every shootout I had to comb the are to see if I find a gun that does 5 more points of damage than my current one. While the majority of secondary missions are well done gigs are a very mixed bag, some are good and help paint what kind of world Cyberpunk is more, but a lot of them are just very basic "go there, kill some guys and then leave".
There's a pretty cool narrative and characters here along with a world that's genuinely well made, but sadly everything is just kinda buried under a pile of trite AAA choices.

i dont give a shit about its past, i still just think the game doesnt feel that great to play. i liked the story and the world is great but the gunplay feels really bad imo

Story is all over the place but still manages to make you feel something. Gameplay is fun but its way too easy to become overpowered.
CDPR is better at putting you in the role of a pre made character vs letting you create your own.

I thought I would enjoy the story... I didn't. Everything else is ok.

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Played on patch 1.6
It's still a glorious mess, but it's pretty playable nowadays, you might even have fun playing it!
Also, David and Rebecca, I avenged you guys.

Still thinking about this one, glad they fixed it and it gets the praise it deserves now

geforcenow'dan oynadım. skyrim'de bahsettigim immersion'a sahip bir oyun benim icin ancak o kadar özgür hissetmedim. nedense open world olmasa daha iyi bir oyun olurmus gibi düsünüyorum. oyunu yine de begendim.

Still a janky piece of shit, probably always will be. The upper management of this studio should probably not be allowed to work on a video game ever again. I still cried at the end though.