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I have mixed feelings about this one. For me, Kojima is a mad genius and I want him to get as many shots at heading a AAA project as possible. But part of you does have to feel like this one was a miss, despite its redeeming qualities. Basically, I would just say the commitment to 'strand-type gameplay' was a mistake at the games conception. This game is incredibly long (I think it took me 90 hours) and most of it is spent walking... just walking. The boss fights are amazing and the narrative told through long cutscenes is so cool (a la Metal Gear Solid), so I still think it was worth playing. It is tough to have the commitment to see the game through though, I think really the only reason I did it is because I am such a Kojima fan. I get that it is a sandbox and you are supposed to create your own fun, but I just don't think it gives you the tools to do that. Rockstar remains the only studio I can think of that can put together a truly engaging sandbox game. The bits with Mads were amazing.

A wild experience that would have been wilder if I didn't have to deal with fucking mountain part for so long

Was supposed to come with my graphics card and I never got the code. Fuck this game