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On the Switch , it makes you use the motion controls handheld in many situations where you can just use a button if playing in the dock. There are some motion controls required even for the docked version. Not a fan of that and the controls and camera are a bit dodgy at times.

Amazing, never get tired of replaying this game. I does have some problems so it's not perfect but I always enjoy the music and gameplay whenever I come back to it.

Hands down the best Mario game I have ever played. it takes everything you knew about Mario and turns it on it's head creating an experience like no other. Amazing level design, spectacular music, stunning visuals for Wii, and rock solid controls. It's hands down the peak of the Mario franchise and probably will stay that way for a long time.

God tier, played it on every system I could, such a banger game

Great game, at first the sequel overshadowed it for me (though it still does in terms of levels). but upon replay i like the presentation and the overall feel of this one more