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This is a game that stands very dear and near to my heart. It's an absolute blast of a game and some of the best fun I've had during a game. This is the type of game that you can sink a couple hundred hours into. And thats not taking into account how much time you can spend with modded terraria. And its soundtrack is and absolute BANGER! A crown jewel of my gaming catalogue.

That being said this is a game with quite a few faults. You will most likely spend half your time grinding for the thousands of items and materials you will need to progress through the game, and that only gets worse the farther you get in the game. The combat, although diverse in the way of weapons and equipment, can be very limiting, usually resorting to bullet hells with extremely limited movement. It can be daunting and confusing to newcomers. And can have difficulty spikes that look like mountain range.

Despite that I am still absolutely enthralled and in love with this game. I highly suggest giving it a try and see if it fits you.

Jogo do caralho, eu gosto muito dele