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I can’t believe they got the guy from spider man to be in the game

I think this is the closest thing I'd consider to a perfect game, if that does exist.
I suspect it's because I've come to expect excellence from Naughty Dog but Among Theives still trumps this one because the impact it had on me at the time but that being said this game is virtually faultless.

Nice story and cool gameplay with many different features of parkour. Indeed one of the best games for Ps4.

Sam was a bit shoehorned in but still great game

Nathan, go on another adventure, so I can play Uncharted 5

The 4th entry in the Call of Duty franchise manages to have more interesting combat arenas and a grapple hook which makes shooting thousands of bad guys and saying "oh crap" that much cooler. Play on Crushing difficulty for actual fun.