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this game goes hard, feel free to screenshot

This games fine. The plot is ABSOLUTELY the craziest most insane kingdom hearts shit I’ve ever seen, but the gameplay is fine. Kingdom hearts music is good so it was hard to mess this up. Overall it’s just…eh. Just buy it for the smash song and put it on the shelf.

Holy fucking shit. Can't even begin to express how much my expectations were surpassed with this one. Spending nearly 3 months of my life on this due to work cutting in the way of playing it and wanting to actually shoot for all 4 endings has left me all but satisfied and sated. What this lacks in story (which isn't even bad it's just very minimal and your enjoyment of what's happening is really going to depend on that) it more than makes up for with its depth and difficulty.
While nowhere near as mean as SMT4 or even Nocturne for that matter it readily and quickly reminds you just how important buffs and debuffs are. And god bless it for actually being difficult. Can't even describe the feeling of bringing down Shiva after multiple play-throughs of building my team up specifically to take him down. Really feel if you ever really wanted to sell someone on turn based combat and how it can be genuinely intense it would definitely be this.
Despite everything being a straight banger in the gameplay department it is crusty as fuck with ugly pop in (THANKS UNREAL ENGINE!) and runs like poop due to its hardware, but it sure as hell didn't matter to me the moment that ending credits theme came up after acquiring the true ending. Also, downright obsessed with the cinematography in the cutscenes for this, the zooms and camera tilting constantly is so cool and unique.
So yeah I guess I kinda liked the Dark Souls of Persona 5, but I sure won't be picking it up again for a while after nearly 130 hours of it lmao.
Oh, and do play this one in Japanese. Unlike P5 the dub is not that bueno lol.

Got Remastered for free on EGS, will restart on that.


I'm a huge fan of this game. I've been playing through the game with hardcore Nuzlocke rules, and it's a pretty stellar time. I think Heart Gold is, while not my personal favorite, one of the single best Pokemon games. It's brought down by the weird level curve mostly, but otherwise this is some of the most content, fun map design, encounters variety, and best superficial add-ons like Pokemon following you or Pokeathalon. However, the level curve as well as some of the pacing makes it a little wack. And the difficulty curve, while fairly normal in the beginning, gets weird and bad by late game. That's why this game is so great. I wouldn't call it a "difficulty hack", but the gyms are significantly harder and more fleshed out. The encounter variety is even better than before, with a fun solid mix of types and strengths on a solid curve. The story has been made linear, the Rockets are expanded upon, and overall the pacing and level curve are excellent. This is, in many ways, a more definitive version of Heart Gold to fans of the series.
I know I said this isn't a difficulty hack, but I still find the difficulty a bit confusing. You know in Kanto games, when you get to Vermilion City and you can catch a Diglett right next door to the electric type gym and sweep it with no problem? There's kind of a lot of that in this game. And in general, a lot of sweeping opportunity. Jolteon, Magnemite, Luxio, Flaafy, Geodude, and more are all obtained incredibly close to Falkner and make his fight trivial. You get a free Spiritomb right before Whitney, and half her Pokemon have no way to hit it. There's a Shadow Claw TM in Ecruteak, only a city after getting access to unlimited Swords Dance TMs. So on so fourth. Which means that sometimes, in practice, fights are only marginally more interesting than base game. What's the difference between spamming Surf on Blaine's 3 Pokemon vs pressing Swords Dance once and spamming Shadow Claw on Morty's 8? Very little. This is only frustrating because it doesn't have to be this way, even with the exact same encounters. More varied movepools and use of dual types would make these gyms take a lot more thought without spiking the difficulty. Give Falkner a Gligar for example. Bugsy is a spike in difficulty because her team has STAB U-Turn as a very strong option, Rain Dance to counter fire types, rock moves for flying types, Swords Dance Scyther, etc, to make this not a sweepable fight. All the Rockets get a lot more freedom in their teams and it makes them super interesting to fight. I'm not asking for Kaizo difficulty, I don't think I'd want that, but these teams are more expressive and fleshed out versions of the same one note teams of base game, instead of more varied thoughtful teams.
That all said, this game is still insanely good and any Pokemon fan should play it. Great work Drayano :)

storyline: this person has seen ciri -> this person has seen ciri -> this person has seen ciri -> this person has seen ciri...
doo doo

You can't hate Adventure Island, it was fun. You are fat cummer simp looking for his lost jungle waifu. A classic.

Didn't play but theres a cutscene that quotes jordan peterson for 3 minutes straight. Big L

Para amantes de Souls like e principalmente do Primeiro dark souls esse jogo tem o feelling perfeito, chega ate a ser mais ''Dark souls'' doq o 2 e o 3,porem com uma mecanica mt intuitiva e original,Saber que é um indie feito por Pouquissimas pessoas o deixa ainda mais especial

tirando os quesitos tecnicos q foram mal feitos,a parte artistica e criativa como Enredo, Musicas, Level design, personagens é tudo muito incrivel,traz uma boa discussao filosofica sobre a vida em si me fez refletir bastante

terminei pra impressionar o pedro e quase me matei durante

I played this because they told me it was scary, it isn't but it does have a lot of jump scares. I found it fun to manage the cameras and doors, so I think it's a plain 3/5. And I'm 100% sure the dev was on acid or some other drug the entire time he was working on it and all the games that came after this one.

I was genuinely surprised by how much I got into this game. The action is thrilling, and moving Samus around is always satisfying. Boss fights are quite challenging, and you'll definitely have to be a little patient with certain fights. Exploration feels great, and it's always nice finding hidden items in all the nooks and crannies. My biggest gripe with the game is that they specifically hide the path to progression sometimes behind hidden blocks that you sometimes have to shoot or find, which is okay, but some of those situations feel like they're unnecessarily hidden. I definitely had to look up a guide multiple times. The game is honestly amazing though, and it's the perfect switch game.

I love Tetris, I still play it to this day when I'm stressed out and it helps a lot, and I think I'm good at it. This game does a 180 on all that because it's really stressful and I suck at it, and for some reason it's multiplayer, that's why it's a 3 and not a 2 for me.

I remember hearing xi - halcyon in a Maplestory bossing video once (Angelic Buster, I think?) when I was a kid. And the rest was history
(I played 20 minutes of this game).

Anyways this cake is great, it's so delicious and moist

One of the most boring games I've ever played.

Temp retire, figured I wasn't going to finish it by Halloween at the rate I was going.

I'm genuinely impressed at how much of the new mons I really like. Especially compared to the tragedy that was Gen 7.

I never liked the 3D Final Fantasy games as much as the 2D ones. I remember FF 1 having a lot of bugs and glitches like powerlving by fighting high level monsters that spawned on a low level area, or the fact that all the "weapon of slaying X monster" didn't work, and many other buffs and stats didn't work.
I didn't know they were bugs when I played it, I thought those buffs were minimal and those monsters were supposed to be there, so I enjoyed it anyways.
It's not polished at all, you get lost easily without a guide, farming XP it can get boring sometimes, and there's a lot of reasons to say it's a bad game... but this is where all Final Fantasy games come from, and it was 1987, Square didn't know any better, nobody did. I was told by people that played it on release date that it was lifechanging to have graphics on a RPG game, they were used to play them on plain text, and that's why there's a screen that explains what's going on when you fight. I find that amazing and it's the main reason why I think this game is actually pretty good, even if it's bad by today's standards, in 1987 this was the best RPG on the NES.

An amazing sequel, great story, amazing new characters and soundtrack. Although the gameplay is good, I feel that it is really unbalanced, you basically dont have any SP through the entire game, making you have to use all items you have to get your sp back, speacially in boss battles, which are just giant bulletsponges, not really fun to fight against. And the other negative point about the game is the Persona fusion and Enhancement system, I dont know what they were thinking, its just bad in every way. Also, I dont recomend you plat this game on the PS4/5, fuck this stupid grind

I emulated this and it was exactly what I was looking for. It's just a classic DBZ game, no weird shit, it couldn't go wrong. I spent hours playing DBZ games with my brother and this one was up there with our most played games. I wish Konami would take a look at the Butouden series and do it again but with better graphics instead of trying to invent the wheel and do weird unplayable crap like past 2018 Konami does to this day.

Awesome fighting game but I got bored after a few fights, and I was playing Smash Bros at the time so I wanted it to be more like Smash but it wasn't. Not my type of fighting game but stll fun.

Provavelmente a maior explosão de adrenalina que eu tive em muito tempo

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I’ve beaten Inner Agent 3 three times. It never gets easier, and I love it.

I have thalassophobia but I enjoy ocean-related games, so I look for them and this one was one of the first with an "open" ocean that I was able to play. And it was awesome at the begining but there wasn't much to do besides staying away from the water as much as possible. They had some good ideas but did nothing with them, everything is too basic and you get bored after an hour.

Never liked PlanetSide and never will. I like the concept so I gave it two chances and it failed twice.

I think TL 1 is better but it was fun, I 100%'d them both, but I think Torchlight is better than Diablo so my opinion is invalid according to the internet.