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It was great. I hope they make a full length game sometime

100%ed this in like an hour, not anything crazy but for like 3 bucks i wasnt expecting that, give it a shot if you have an hour and some pocket change to spare

This game doesn't need a meticulous review. If you liked the Nintendo 64, you will love the 2-3 hours that you spent on this collect-a-thon, period.

Four stars feel a little high, but I can only give half-stars, so...
It's a $2 game, and I think meets any expectations from that price point. The main reason I love this developer's games is because it just captures vibes so well, better than I've seen with other such games, but it's also fun in its own right. I'd love for a longer and deeper game to come of this because it has the momentum to be great.
Also, the music slaps.

Perfect for the price, great controls, level design and charming visuals

unlike the toree games which i think excel at being a fun little experience, this left me rather disappointed there wasn't more to it. kiwi controls well and has a few fun moves but levels are so bland it feels like it's wasted here. in general the game feels a bit hollow which sucks because i do believe it's made by care. hopefully the dev chooses to create a more ambitious project next bc i'm sure it would turn out great.

Another masterpiece from Siactro💖✨.

If this guy made a full game it would probably be genuinely amazing

Overall Score: ✅83%
Kiwi is so fun to control, second favorite Siactro game behind the Toree series.

Kiwi gaming.
It's a short platformer in the style of N64 platformers (Banjo), it's more like a demo than a full game experience though.
Toree 2 is still better.

Joguinho despretensioso, porém maravilhoso, que se inspira na Rareware do Nintendo 64. As músicas dele trazem um feeling de David Wise. Pena que é bem curto, dá pra zerar em menos 1 hora

Cute, short and fun. Better than the Toree games, but not by much. I really hope this creator ends up making a bigger full-fledged game because they clearly understand what works and what doesn't.

Cute little romp, very responsive and Kiwi is fun to control! Siactro back at it again with another fun little game.

Super Mario 64 but better control and camera angle. Game even makes you feel like a professional speed-runner with how you're zooming. Pirate level music is also a banger

A fairly short and simple callback to Nintendo 64 platformers, it achieves what it sets out to do.

Short but the right amount of well-executed nostalgia.

Enhanced Pokio from Super Mario Odyssey gets taken back to a simpler time. This game is great fun for an hour and has some surprisingly fun movement. I definitely wouldn't mind a longer more comprehensive experience with the Kiwi. The levels are short and simple and great fun to run through and the music actually slaps. And as a huge fan of Banjo Kazooie, DK 64, and the N64 in general, I loved what they were going for here.

Paying a dollar or two for a super refined short and sweet N64-era platformer is the greatest deal ever

An unexpectedly short game for what it sets up to be. The kiwi has a lot of mobility in its arsenal, such a double jump, a glide mechanic, a beak attack with the chance of sticking to walls, among others. Nonetheless, the level design doesn't make much use of it and after an hour or less the game is done. There are no achievements even, nothing. Such a misopportunity.

It controls pretty fun but its short length and lack of variety make is forgettable


Perfect length for the price of entry. The hell was with those fetuses and skeletons!

Cool game. Feels very nice to play. I wish this dev made a full fledged game.

Fun little game to play through and 100% in one sitting. Worlds were creative, but I wish Kiwi's movement were a bit more complicated. Traveling long distances became a bit of a chore when cleaning up levels 5 and 8.

Recién me entero hoy de la existencia de este juego, y no lo pude dejar hasta terminarlo al 100%. Que puedo decir, la mejor relación calidad precio, un plataformero 3D retro al estilo Nintendo 64 por menos de 3 dolares. Y sí, el juego es corto, fácil, y muy simple. Pero cargado de nostalgia noventera. El control es excelente tanto de Kiwi como la cámara (ya hubiesen querido muchos juegos de 64 lograrlo tan bien) pero el juego es solo lo que promete y nada mas, un collect a ton fácil para niños y grandes. No tiene historia, ni cinemáticas, y las animaciones cumplen con lo justo, sin regalar nada mas. Divertido de principio a fin por su alegre música y su propuesta artística que aunque minimalista, es hermosa. Los ultimos niveles pueden dar un poco de dificultad de completar al 100, pero en general es un juego para que cualquiera disfrute sin preocuparse mucho, con puzzles sencillos que se resuelven solos si simplemente somos observadores. Le doy un puntaje alto porque para lo que pagué, quedé muy complacido.

A nostalgic homage to the 64-bit era of collectathons that controls better than both its namesake and its inspiration. As a kid with a Nintendo 64 in the 90s, I have much more endearment towards this form of gaming nostalgia that hearkens back to these polygonal memories, so to see a quirky little game come out in 2022 that tries its hardest with minimal resources to capture the essence of games like Banjo-Kazooie really brightens my day especially when it succeeds at almost every level. Divided into various worlds that will have you exploring each of them in all its platforming glory by utilizing reminiscent moves such as jetting and gliding but also bold new ideas like poking walls with your kiwi beak and jumping upwards creating a whole new dimension of possibilities. Costing about $3 and less than 2 hours of your time to complete, as barebones as it may be, I’m very optimistic to see what the developer can make with a bit more money and time in its sequel.