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Neo Twewy's theme of not second guessing yourself and being your genuine self is in my opinion the perfect continuation from Twewy's themes of friendship and the importance of connecting with people. Combat flowed perfectly, the music was as amazing as expected and the story and characters were very well executed and lovable. Only real complaint is much like the original is the amount of AAVE just thrown around from the distinctly non-Black cast, with Beat being the most egregious example

Literalmente a única obra boa já feita.

Unfinished version of Never7 (only featuring the worst parts!)

Fuck dmc fuck bayonetta fuck ninja Gaiden fuck all the rest of da bullshit this GOD HAND HERE!

You can
Kick/punch people out of the solar system
Kick people in the balls if they are male fighters
Chihuahua race
Suplex a gorilla
Fight two VERY gay men on the first level
Beat up the power rangers
And Fist Fight hordes of dominatrixes
Need I say more?


Eu acho que gostei mais do que devia disso? Eu adoro conhecer coisas de culturas e línguas diferentes, e acho que isso o jogo faz muito bem. Os quebra-cabeças não são exatamente os mais difíceis do mundo, mas são legais ao ponto de você começar a reparar em detalhes tipográficos que antes passava batido, haha. Não é uma obra-prima, mas é um joguinho bem competente.

Great style but not much beyond that. Later games improve on the formula a lot.

I loved it as a child and just replayed it, to see whether it holds up to my memory and I was surprised it did.
It's cute, fun and not too long. I had a good time

This games too hard idk what to do

Un juego cortito, muy simpático, los controles dan una sensación muy de inmediatez responsiva, la música acompaña muy bien y las peleas contra los jefes son muy satisfactorias.
Los personajes son carismáticos y tienen distintas habilidades que se utilizan en distintas ocasiones, quizás esta parte está un poco más floja, si quieres puedes usar a los dos mismos personajes.
Es muy rejugable, es decir te lo puedes terminar en una hora si quieres pero para hacer el 100% tienes que ir buscando todos los secretos y lleva un par de horas.

The pacing is horrendous but if you can get past that there is some good stuff.

Episode 1: 5.5/10
Episode 2: 4/10
Episode 3A: 7/10
Episode 3B: 5.5/10
Episode 4: 6.5/10

Also the original Killer Queen isn't on this site but my thoughts on that are so negative that it's not even worth getting into. There are some cool twists in this version aimed at people who played the original but I would recommend just starting here honestly.

Es mi primer Monster Hunter y me ha encantado, divertidísimo, con muchísimas opciones y una jugabilidad divertidísima.


Se explica como la mierda.

Despite not aging very gracefully, the Sonic and Tails sections are still very fun. The rest of the game is a mixed bag though.

This one has some bullshit moments where you have no choice but to get hit in order to proceed, in addition to that it doesn't really do anything interesting and it removes all the improvements that IV had. Dracula is way too easy as well. A really unnecessary remake, especially considering how IV was a remake of 1 and it was amazing, this one just pales in comparison.

Apesar de ser um jogo introdutório ao Phantom Pain, Ground Zeroes é um jogo absurdamente divertido e fica por preços baixíssimos em promoções (recomendo comprar a MGSV Definitive Edition). Tem uma das cenas mais icônicas que já vi (Why are we still here? Just to Suffer?) e uma gameplay muuuito gostosa.

Uma pena que carece de conteúdo, coisa que Phantom Pain não tem.

So bad it's good. If I were rating based on enjoyment I would give it 4 stars because I was laughing the entire time.

This game in a lot of ways should not work as the main gameplay loop in concept is absolutely boring and the combat isn’t the strongest either, however, the gameplay is addicting and engaging and the narrative is full of intrigue and ambition that drives the player to want to keep going. The big problem with this game IMO is its pacing as the first 2 episodes are exposition and story and then episode 3 is nothing but filler missions which can understandably lead some people to drop the game. Hopefully the director’s cut fixes this issue. Now onto the main course: the story. The story of death stranding, while convoluted, is an extremely touching and powerful message about reconnecting with others and unity through hope and Sam bridges is easily one of the best protagonists in a video game. While he is a static character for the majority of the game, his character arc by the final 4 episodes is amazing. It also helps that sam is accompanied by a wonderful and rich cast of characters who all have their own lore and story to them. And the world building and exploration of this game is phenomenal, especially during the latter half of the game where you’ll see some of the most drop dead gorgeous visuals in any medium. Death stranding is not a game for everyone, however it’s a story that I think anyone can connect to and understand with the ending of the story being one of the most powerful endings in media

Boring but somewhat charming, Okuhiko is the best character.

Wholeheartedly this game is a lot of fun to play. It’s such a simple and easy going game to play that it never feels old and the music is great and the art is charming and the voice acting especially keeps me entertained. A fun experience if you’re looking for a fun casual game!

Insanely wonderful game with some of the most meticulously crafted game design I’ve ever seen. The core gameplay loop is more than enough to carry this game but with the addition of Titans into the mix, this game is one of a kind that no multiplayer game comes even close to touching this. It’s just an absolute blast overall

All you do is run this game fucking sucks

you ever go to a used game store and see this shit for like 165 dollars?

Incredibly fun rhythm game, which gets even better when played with actual turntables.
It was a really fun week, that I played this with a friend

Fun if you want more character interactions but not a necessary read.

This game really fits the mobile medium. The simple controls are pretty decent and the gameplay is fun.
My only complaint is the length of the game, which could be a little longer.

[Score: 9]
Takes everything that worked about the previous games and combines them into a more refined experience that's both more approachable for newcomers and has more room to optimize your run for longtime fans.