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Was inspired to play this after the announcement of HLVR. I first played it five years ago and thought it was really boring. I dropped it before reaching the boat segment.

Playing it now I enjoy it much more. So much variety in locations and gameplay. At least for the first half. Once you return to City 17 in the later half of the game its really boring. Luckily it picks up again with a good finale in the citadel.

Reviewed on Dec 01, 2019


Completed in 2005. Beat the single player campaign and got all the achievements. Fantastic game, though the driving parts could have been shorter or better.

Reviewed on Oct 22, 2019


Great narrative based shooter with tons of memorable moments and gameplay that will leave you hooked. The only things that keeps this down are how physics are used, and a few questionable puzzles here and there.

Reviewed on Jan 24, 2020


Good game with a captivating story and kinda average gameplay. Despite being good, I felt that some missions were too long and too repetitive, which made me a little tired of it. Also, some puzzles are not really that fun to find the solution, it just gets annoying.

But the finale did bring me some interest in the story again and I want to know more about it.

Oh... and I played it for the first time in 2020.
Totally blind run.

Reviewed on Feb 14, 2020


I get why it was revolutionary for it's time, but of course I'm not going to find it as such in 2020. Still good though.

Reviewed on Mar 25, 2020


Many games, especially first person shooters, of the early 2000s were good for their day, but were somewhat killed by the passage of time. One game that comes to mind is Doom 3, which had pretty good reception when it came out, but today is known for just being a jump scare ridden oddball of the Doom franchise. However the same cannot be said about Half Life 2. Everything still holds up today, from the deeply interesting story, to the fun combat and puzzle solving. If only the Combine AI was a bit more advanced

Reviewed on Mar 27, 2020