Reviewed on Jul 07, 2020


One of greatest games I’ve ever played. Even if VR does die, which it won’t, it was all worth it just for this.

Reviewed on Jun 30, 2020


It's as good as everyone says, and it's absolutely the best VR Game out so far. The writing does a lot to elevate the already fantastic VR shooting mechanics. Possibly the most immersed I've been in a game world.

Reviewed on Jun 14, 2020


Definitely the best VR FPS I've played, though that might not be saying that much. It doesn't actually do much that's all that new for the VR space, but no VR game has executed those ideas better than this has. Still, the usual problems with VR like the slow walking speed can make the combat encounters feel more frustrating than fun. At the same time, the speed can work pretty well for the more horror-y moments.

The dialogue is fun, but the little story there is somehow manages to actually make me less interested in where a potential Half-Life 3 could go.

Reviewed on May 25, 2020


This is the game that proves VR isnt a gimmick even though ive been shouting that like a prospector gone mad for quite some time now. VR has been saturated with games that dont have much substance, they are either short or are sandboxes (like h3vr, which you should totally buy). People were waiting for a big vr adventure with a story, and BONEWORKS by Stress Level Zero showed some taste of that. But it wasnt enough. So Valve woke from their 10 year slumber and gave us a half life game, which is just crazy on its own. You are Alyx Vance and you are tired of City 17's bullshit so you go on a quest to find ways to get the combine off of earth. The Gunplay is an absolute JOY to play with, its simple and it works really well. In previous HL game you'd have to press a button to use a grenade, in Alyx you just squeeze and toss. Source 2 makes the game look absolutely gorgeous and a joy to walk through and explore every inch of. One of the best things about this game is, there isnt any low points, such as On a Rail from Half Life 1, all the chapters in this game are just pure fun to play. There's even this really great survival horror chapter that just blew me away. God i can go on and on about this game but i gotta wrap it up.
Theres only a few plot details that dont wrap up completely but i can excuse it for how wonderfully they ended this game.

It's a must play. Just in general. Steal a Headset if ya gotta or buy a "cheap" one like a rift s (which is what i played on).

Valve proves once more that they are the kings of PC games.

Reviewed on May 20, 2020


Just about everything about this is perfect, gameplay, visuals, audio, story; it's all there! There's nothing like a feeling where I actually have to duck behind cover to avoid getting shot (real life excluded). I guess if there was one thing missing, it would be melee combat but it wasn't a huge deal.

Was going to give a 4.5, but it's the first VR game that feels like a full, complete package and I love the Half-Life universe so 5/5.

Reviewed on May 13, 2020


Secretly the most interesting game of 2020 that nobody played. Makes some incredible strides in VR level design and storytelling that - if you're not willing to play along - chafe against the edges of the technology, but that undersells how truly wild it is to play this game as a fan of the series. The only thing Boneworks has over this game is the physics interactions, but if that's all you're in VR for, I think you're really missing the point.

Reviewed on Apr 29, 2020


Easily the best (and possibly only?) VR game.

Reviewed on Apr 03, 2020