I have a harder time getting immersed into the Ori games in the same way that everyone else does. The artstyle and music are so beautiful that its overbearing to me, as if the developers were more concerned with making the game look and sound as pretty as possible without really considering how the aesthetic affects the tone or atmosphere. Especially jarring having come off of Dark Souls, which pretty much nailed all of this. Same goes for Hollow Knight, a game that you slowly unravel as the secrets of the world become more and more apparent, but never entirely clear, to the player. With Ori, everything is kind of in your face. The story is simple and its told simply. There's no mystery. There's no cool lore. Anything that could be passed of as "complexity" is really just shoehorned into the story to jerk as many tears out of the player as it can.

Also not a huge fan of how this game utilizes its Metroidvania level design. Backtracking through this world can be a bit tedious, so I'm not entirely sure why it's a Metroidvania to begin with. All of the best segments are the more linear platforming moments. Even though the Metroidvania genre is probably my favorite, I wish that the game was simply a level-by-level 2D platformer BECAUSE that's what the movement almost feels like it was built for.

Which brings me to why I'm rating this game as highly as I am despite all my complaints. The movement. It's so good. SO so good. Every new ability is an opportunity to glide through environments with such distinct fluidity. Few other games offer this same sense of effortlessness in how your character controls. I don't know if I'll play this game again anytime soon but I wouldn't be against it.

Es indudable su calidad visual y sonora aunado a esto hay una mejora sustancial en la exploración y una gran mejora a nivel de sistema de combate, su mayor problema lo sigue arrastrando de su predecesor con zonas de prueba y error y una narrativa que pretende hacerte sentir.

Die starke Inspiration von Hollow Knight macht aus dem Nachfolger ein Spiel, welches nicht mehr ganz Ori ist, aber nach wie vor sehr viel Spaß macht und mit seiner tollen Welt bezaubert. Hände weg von der Xbox One Fassung.

While I'd consider it the better game, I did miss the weird shit the first game had going on when I was playing this.

Meiner Meinung nach mit einer der besten Jump&Runs in letzter Zeit. Speziell die Steuerung geht super und vor allem flüssig von der Hand mit den ganzen Fähigkeiten. Super Nachfolger vom ersten Teil. Auch der Soundtrack ist wieder perfekt! Jeder der den ersten Teil mag, sollte definitiv auch diesen Teil spielen.

As much as I enjoy the... environmental puzzle-movement (is this anything?)... and the fantastic music, they can't salvage a story that I believe fundamentally misunderstands its own antagonist. And recycling the central pathos of the first game was a bizarre choice. Didn't work for me, I guess.

I'd have to replay both and spend more time thinking about this to construct anything resembling analysis, but all I can muster is a leaden sigh. Despite so much to do, such an abundance of content, the game ultimately feels kinda empty.

Will of the Wisps ups the production value by a significant margin over the already gorgeous Ori and The Blind Forest, and dives deeper into a more hardcore action RPG oriented take on the Metroidvania.

For some, this will feel like an ultimate accumulation of the genre. For me, I don't find any value in this, and feel some of the uniqueness and freedom of the original is lost.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps on all accounts feels more tightly and intentionally designed, and the scale is impressive, but I somewhat feel the gameplay acts as an obstruction to the world, characters, and story of the game which otherwise is firing on even more emotional cylinders this go around.

Honestly this game feels more like a Zelda dungeon crawler with some metroidvania elements than a full on metroidvania, but that's fine. Much, much improved combat from the first game, but still pretty underdeveloped in that respect. Blatantly ripping charms from Hollow Knight was an okay move, but I wish there were more buttons for skills. More interactive platforming than the first, too.

Story is... trying a bit too hard for what it is, I think, but it gets the point across.

greatest metroidvania i've ever played. fantastic controls, visuals, ost, story, everything.

One of the best feeling games I've played in years. Oh, and the art and music are top notch too!

Fazia tempo que eu não me envolvia tanto com um jogo e que um videogame conseguia capturar tanto assim a minha atenção a ponto de eu, por muitos dias, acordar já com vontade de retornar a ele.

O misto de de ser agradável e desafiador na medida certa contribuiu muito para esse sentimento. Tirando raros momentos (só consigo contar dois, de memória), a dificuldade dele nunca foi um fator determinante, nunca me fez passar raiva ou ficar frustrada, foi sempre ideal para ser divertida e motivadora. Ao mesmo tempo que a música, arte e história contribuíram para ser um jogo aconchegante e gostosinho.

A todo momento você está descobrindo algo novo, uma habilidade, que torna a navegação por esse mundo tão ou mais prazerosa que no primeiro jogo, um inimigo diferente, uma área com um novo visual e uma nova música (aliás, que trilha sonora impecável), ou ainda um personagem coadjuvante novo, que foi uma das novidades dessa sequência.

A adição de side quests e personagens secundários contribuíram para o enriquecimento do mundo e da experiência. Sim, pode-se dizer que elas são rasas, simples, mas mesmo assim foram novidades bem-vindas. O sistema de combate também foi uma melhora significativa em comparação ao primeiro jogo, com uma variedade de armas e poderes para que você escolha a melhor para a situação, ou para o seu gosto pessoal. Ainda é um sistema de combate simples e é provavelmente a parte mais fraca do jogo, mas tudo bem, porque não é o foco.

É, Ori and the Will of the Wisps tem alguns defeitos, mas não acho que eles sejam suficientemente significativos para apagar o brilho desse jogo praticamente perfeito. Na minha opinião é uma aula de como fazer uma sequência, mantendo tudo o que funcionou no primeiro, melhorando o que não era bom e adicionando novas ideias.

É uma experiência que vai ficar comigo por muito tempo e eu sou grata por ter tido a oportunidade de ter jogado e pela felicidade que ele me trouxe, provendo um refúgio, mesmo que temporário, para momentos difíceis.

While the first Ori was impressive enough already, they managed to beat that in every single facet. Amazing in every single regard and one of the best metroidvanias ever made.

A near masterclass in modern Metroidvania design, slightly let down by reach that sometimes exceeds its grasp. In trying to flesh out its world it loses some of the simplicity of the first game, and the sheer number of abilities can be overwhelming. The story, while still touching, hits so many of the same notes as Blind Forest that they can't help but fall flat this time around. Still, it's a beautiful game, the level design is fantastic, and it has my favorite traversal in any game of this type, including Hollow Knight. Oh, and the music is literally perfect.

The second game by Moon Studios manages to surpass everything done in the game prior. With continued effort and passion from all ranges of its crew, extending out to the designer of AM2R, to Gareth Coker's continued musical excellence, all the way to the head designers, Ori and the Will of the Wisps offers an amazing cohesive action platformer experience that to me, has no conceivable equal in the ways it excels.

The combat is practically DMC meets platforming, with similar gravity and a whole customizable moveset that extends and prioritizes air time, spacing, and bashing enemies to and fro. You're able to play both defensively and offensively at any moment, and all these options have their own costs and benefits. Each of the enemies are well done in terms of moveset and forcing you to be wary of their movements and danger zones. To extend this further, the combat also supplements the already amazing movement taken straight from Ori 1 (minus bash momentum no longer being conserved, which is really the only negative I have here). Using enemies to construct more air time gives you several ways to sequence break the game at any point. And finally, the bosses are spectacular, every single one having perfectly speedy ways to kill them and their movesets themselves being worthy challenges to master and fight around. Even if you're tired of those, the overworld has several combat trials for you to bash your head on, of which can be retried even after completion.

The level design itself is nothing short of exceptional, with challenges in spades and atmospheric delights at each doorstep. While I wish there was a more path of pain-esque area to fully utilize what you can do with moveset swaps, what's here is still excellent. The escape sequences are also way better now, with most of the trial/error bullshit taken out and keeping the grueling challenge and one-shot nature that is a perfect encapsulation of Ori's speed systems.

I can't talk about the levels of course without acknowledging how absolutely beautiful the art is, with each area having a wonderful color palette and distinct tone. The story and music is just as well supplemented , with what I believe to be Gareth Coker's best work as he makes exceptional emotional moments with Luma Pools and every escape sequence and boss battle. I was brought to tears more than once by just how well executed each moment was.

There are a few miscellaneous things to discuss, I really enjoy the "dungeons" of Ori 2 over the original, I like how upgrades and collectibles work with clear benefits to the latter and each upgrade being very distinct for the former. The Hollow Knight charms system is a worthy thing to grab to utilize here. Lastly, I want to cover my one and only issue, of which might date this review (since there's a patch forthcoming) but needs to be said. The performance bugs as well as optimization is almost awful. For a cohesive artistic experience like this, having sound buzzing if you're not running on a SSD and complete stuttering in a couple areas can really just break the whole thing at times. It's a tightrope you don't want to fall off of, so I hope the patch comes as soon as possible.

Either way, I can't wait to go back and 100% this game several times over, and start speedrunning this game to hell and back. I'm already practicing the boss times to fight as fast as possible. Despite the current issues, I'm giving this one of my best scores. (9.5/10)

I started this game thinking, "there is no way this is going to be better than the first one" and i was surprised, Will of the Wisps not only is as good as the previous one but improves and implements upon it, it's truly a masterpiece and the best metroidvania i've ever played.

In a few words this game take what was "okay" on the last one and make it good, like the combat , the saves and teleports, brings new things to the table with amazing NPCs, and some fun side quests.

But in the end It shines yet again on his platform, playing Ori on this game fells so damn good, you fly through the map in a way i was not expecting, going to point a to b is just amazing, and the upgrades all make it even better, the platform is truly what makes Ori an amazing franchise and is at his best in here, unmissable.

The story is also excelent, simple but very touching, and of course the game itself is marvelous. the art and sound design are a straight ace on this one, just looking at it will make you smile.

Absolutely stunning art and graphics, a downright gorgeous soundtrack, and platforming that feels even better than the first game! Not to mention the combat is been greatly improved as well. Being able to utilize several different forms of weaponry and combine them to face difficult and epic bosses made me feel badass. The story was incredible as well, and it pulled no punches emotionally. I also noticed there was a heavy Hollow Knight influence on this title, with the shards (charms) and the mapmaker Lupo (Cornifer in HK), which was cool! However, I have to take off half a star due to the disappointing amount of bugs that were present on launch. Audio lags, inexplicable crashes, and screens totally blacking out messed with the immersion at times. Once they get those patched, though, this game is near perfection in my opinion.

Pretty damn good. It's got some of the best boss fights in recent history, and the movement is really fluid and fun.

A beautiful platformer with fun mechanics, but unfortunately undercut by technical issues and frustratingly unclear level design.