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Portal is one of the greatest "proof of concepts" ever to hit shelves, notable for its mind-bending puzzle mechanics and humorous narrator. The game takes a while to present any true challenge, yet each puzzle seems like it could be conquered any number of ways, and leaves the player satisfied with their own solution. Unfortunately, on the PS3, Portal seems to have gotten little love--there are no patched-in trophies, and the game constantly resets to long load times that don't seem to match the hardware demands of the game!

Reviewed on Jan 11, 2020


They did it. Those bastards did it. They made the perfect video game, and then they made it again nearly just as perfect.

Reviewed on Dec 01, 2019


Bastante buen puzzle, la pelea final fue bastante piola

Reviewed on Dec 28, 2018


Short and sweet

Reviewed on Jun 02, 2019


im strugglin' to find words to describe perfection. seriously, i cannot find a single flaw with this game.

Reviewed on Jan 08, 2019


Completed the single player campaign in 2009, and a few times after. The cake memes and end song I found tedious and grating after a while, but ultimately, this is a fine game.

Reviewed on Oct 23, 2019


Witty writing and even wittier gameplay. A must play for anyone out there.

Reviewed on Mar 27, 2020


O único problema de Portal 1 é que ele acaba muito rápido, porque, de resto, um dos jogos que definiram a década!

Reviewed on Nov 15, 2019


This game is an exercise in efficient design. It makes for one the most compelling games and one of the most compelling narratives with So. Damn. Little. It's just absurd. Valve *really* established themselves as worthy of critical attention after this one.

Reviewed on Apr 02, 2020