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This was my Platinum completion date and the game definitely grew on me as I saw its layers while running around the map. The game is still a buggy mess, but this was quite enjoyable!

Reviewed on Jan 16, 2020


fuck this game

Reviewed on Jan 02, 2020


BT-1 fucking rules.

Reviewed on Dec 01, 2019


Star Wars has been a big part of my childhood. always loved it, just more and more as i get older. it's just something about the atmosphere - the lush jungles contrasted with the gun metal gray of the empire, all the cool force powers, laser sword fights - all that stuff sparks something giddy inside of me.

this game does a great job of that, possibly beating out The Force Unleashed II for "most dumbest fun star wars mechanics" but the jury's still out on that. the versatility in how to handle combat situations truly sparkles when you know how to use it. pulling a guy in to force chokeslam him and then splitting your lightsaber into two lightsabers to cut a robot in half before throwing R2D2 at somebody doesn't ever stop being fun.

and that's good, because that's the whole game. 12 hours of some pretty cool i guess platforming mixed with really fun combat - which, naturally, is at its absolute best during boss fights - set in the star wars universe. its great! but, aside from some areas and enemies straight up just sucking balls, theres a huge glaring flaw.

its the story, hey everybody im back criticizing story in games who'da thunk it. it wouldn't - and really shouldn't - be a problem if it wasnt so damn ever-present in this game. there's so much focus put on these characters and their backstories and how invested we should be and when it affects gameplay i draw the line, because this story is ass. nobody can act to save their lives, least of ALL cameron monoghan who im not even sure why he's in this game? the only other thing i know him from is Gotham and that sucked ass too.

it was just embarrassing when Cal tried to emote (inevitably sounding like a whiny child), or when cere got melodramatic about nothing of worth until the very end, or when they introduce a new character LITERALLY IN THE LAST TWO HOURS just so our characters have a snowball's chance in hell in surviving the empire and for Cal to have a sneaky chub for someone with tits because this is star wars. really just not good stuff.

which is strange considering how GREAT the nightmare sequences all are. they're each so clever with how they use the camera and the lighting (which is also phenomenal through and through) and the model switching to make a badass, memorable scene. i still remember the whiplash that opening scene gave me. really, all of the scripted cinematic moments were awesome. including possibly the coolest part of the whole game, the ending, which i wont spoil but holy shit.

in spite of the pretty bad story, this is a great game. as just a raw, beef and cheese game, it's great. clashing lightsabers feels cool as shit. BD-1 is really cute. play on hard.

and i gotta say it, how the fuck were there no circle wipes? is this really even star wars?

Reviewed on Nov 21, 2019


Really rough around the edges and far from perfect, but it captures the Star Wars atmosphere pretty well and does some things right. I liked the Soulsborne formula, the characters, and the general atmosphere of it all.

It could have benefited from some extra time to polish things and expand on some parts of the story that felt a little rushed.

All in all, a good start. If they make a sequel to this, I'll be really excited. The first games in a series are always the roughest.

Normally, I would give a game like this 3.5/5, but the Star Wars stuff is really well done, so I'll throw in another half star.

Reviewed on Nov 21, 2019


It’s amazing how far a name can carry a game—in this case, the Star Wars IP. As industry buzz bubbled up in the weeks prior to the release of Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order, I gave into the hype and bought the game on launch day. Having beaten it over a month and some four updates later, I can say this game is a broken mess with a thinly veiled Star Wars veneer over 2/3 of its adventure. It is only in the final 1/3 of the game that this game clicks into what could have been the greatest Star Wars game ever made (even if it couldn’t resist falling into the same temptation as many other Star Wars stories in its plot).

The quest at the center of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a simple one—the player’s Cal Kestis is tasked with trying to find a list of force-sensitive children alongside his trusty robot sidekick, BD-1, and his awesome crew (or so the game told me). The quest takes Cal to several large planets where exploration is the name of the game, even if the environments rarely jumped out as anything special.

As mentioned in the intro, the first 2/3 of this game are not good—I spent most of the time annoyed (but not challenged) by space-bugs, code-bugs, frogs, and elk. Several big moments that were clearly supposed to be exciting revelations of deeper Star Wars lore felt more like knock-off science fiction that had somehow been baptized with the SW license. Eventually, the game became so monotonous that I turned the difficulty all the way down just to bowl through the game and get to what I was hearing was a great ending... What I heard was mostly true, but I will get to that later.

The technical problems with this game are immense, and I cannot excuse them even if I was just a “sucker” for buying the game on day one. Throughout the game, the transition from cutscene to gameplay was horrendous—the scene would play, glitch back to gameplay camera, then show the black screen indicating I had resumed control. I watched my thrown lightsaber travel through enemies more often than I watched it deal damage. I fell through pipes I was clearly meant to climb on and was rejected by wall-running walls several times. Then, as if all these things weren’t enough, the game actually stopped right in the middle of gameplay as the environment turned into the murky water-color of and un-rendered world... The game actually lost its instance and de-rendered the world! I then waited 45 seconds for the world to render back in... I eagerly waited for these annoying problems to be fixed only to discover that each update was addressing one-instance game-breaking bugs I had luckily not encountered.

Finally, I can talk about the final 1/3 of the game when the game started to feel perfectly right for a Star Wars game! Cal finally settles into his role as Jedi, clicking with all his force powers and taking ownership of his lightsaber; the game presents Star Wars characters and villains who are distinctly Star Wars (unlike the “counterfeit” villains I mentioned earlier); the plot includes all the perfect, cheesy, beat-you-over-the-head, moral-of-the-story dialogue we Star Wars fans have come to love; and the environments of the final planets rise above the meager environments of the earlier worlds. Ultimately, the story is unsatisfying and falls into tropes that disappoint, but it is still magic in the end.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was quite an experience—I’ve never played such a buggy game all the way through. However, even I could not forsake the experience of a Star Wars story for bad and buggy gameplay. If you have time and persistence to bear with a less-than-stellar game just because of the Star Wars phenomenon, go ahead and pick up this game, but I would recommend waiting for it to be much cheaper and clear your backlog of games that function properly AND tell compelling, self-sustained stories.

Reviewed on Jan 09, 2020


Pretty disappointed considering having spent a lifetime thus far loving Star Wars. On the forefront, it’s a game that is suited to everything I love about modern action/adventure video games, but it has far too many technical complications and a overwhelmingly disappointing story with a weak main character. Although the lightsaber isn’t The Leviathan Axe or Blades of Chaos, the feeling of parrying and slashing enemies and monsters is rewarding and exciting. Combining that with the limited Force abilities makes for a variety of encounters with different enemy types. For example; the game does a great job of making sure you can’t just Force Pull every enemy to you. Where the combat can be frustrating stems from a wild and nearly untethered camera during those moments. There are times when the camera hits a wall and escaping a horde of enemies is nearly impossible. Included in that is the constant technical bugs I encountered throughout the game. During cutscenes the audio would not sync with the image, Cal would be floating instead of actually sliding or wall running, and at times the game felt unresponsive with inconsistent input lag. No developer intentional puts bugs in their game, but a brief delay for release could have easily fixed these issues amongst others. On a positive note; the game looks and sounds as well as I could have hoped. Whether it’s a chilling wind, the waves crashing on some cliffs, the light patter of rain, igniting a lightsaber and going to war with the Empire was constantly exciting. Not only beautiful to look at, but a level of ambience that hasn’t been achieved in a Star Wars game...maybe ever. Disappointingly, Cal Kestus is a one-dimensional protagonist amidst a cast of far more interesting characters. Cere, the Second Sister, the people of Dathomir, and even BD-1 have so much more personality and enticing character traits that allow us to empathize with them in this story. Narratively, this game really let me down despite some genuinely fascinating moments and great set pieces. It’s one of those things where I wish they took more time to give the plot a sense of urgency. For a game focused on a pivotal macguffin, it’s alarming how unimportant it seems to feel. Even up to the very last moments of the game.

Overall, this is a game with plenty of exciting moments that promises a future of Star Wars games that are worth being excited about. This has the foundation to be something bigger and better in a few years time, and I hope EA and Respawn follow through with this and franchise it. In the end, it’s rough around the edges, but has plenty of moments that are worth investing your time into. I still can’t shake the fact that I feel this game would be received more negatively had the STAR WARS name not been attached to it.


Reviewed on Dec 03, 2019


Since 2013 EA owns the exclusive license for video games around Star Wars - and has only delivered two Battlefronts, which are mainly aimed at multiplayer fans. With Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, EA is now moving completely in the direction of single player and - spoiler - that was definitely worth it.

The third-person action adventure game from Respawn Entertainment is one of the best "Star Wars" games in many, many years. The basis for this is that the developers have put together many working elements from other franchises to a game with a fitting atmosphere and (partly convincing) story.

The fighting and meditation system from Dark Souls mixed with a big pinch of staging and climbing action á la Uncharted paired with a small portion of Metroidvania - voilá. Innovative is certainly different, but the individual elements harmonize quite well overall. Of course the fighting system doesn't reach Sekiro or Bloodborne, but it doesn't have to hide behind every mountain. Yes, the fights aren't quite as precise and powerful, but in the end they still manage to convince to a large extent.

And so it goes through the whole game: The single elements never reach the class of their respective role models, but Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is in the end more than the sum of its parts. Although a few more months of polishing and QA would definitely have done the game good.

Last but not least, the adventure around the Padawan Cal Kestis is consequently designed for single players. There are no hidden costs or micro transactions. With a good 15 to 20 hours the trip is also not completely short. The foundation for a sequel is definitely there.

Reviewed on Nov 28, 2019


Really, really solid single player Star Wars game - which is refreshing in 2020. Does a great job not pandering much (there’s no OH HEY ITS THE MILLENIUM FALCON AND YODA). It takes the lore and characters and areas from Star Wars extended canon stuff (Star Wars Rebels) and presents it in a real refreshing way. Only issues are the game is pretty wonky and broke a few times on me even on a PS4 Pro.

Reviewed on Jan 28, 2020


As a big Star Wars fan I really loved this game and am so happy that it's doing well. It definitely has some flaws and technical issues but I think it delivered where it mattered the most. Combat is good with a decent variety of attacks and force powers, plus a great variety of enemies. I'm glad that Respawn wasn't afraid to go weird with SW and got to really explore the universe. The level design and narrative were quite interesting too. I find it funny that it's basically the *same* story as The Last Jedi but we won't be seeing a lot of people complaining about it. I must say that I'm also forever grateful for this game basically giving me gender swapped Kylo Ren. Thank you so much.

Who would've thought that EA was wrong about singleplayer games? Excited for the future.

Reviewed on Dec 01, 2019


Who would've thought we'd actually get a decent Star Wars singleplayer game. The more forgiving Dark Souls like systems work really nice and the level designs are interesting.

My main issues it feels a bit unpolished in a few areas and the story gets a bit stale 3/4 the way through, but otherwise it's a pretty fun game.

Reviewed on Nov 26, 2019


Mostly loved this. The best Star Wars story since the OT. #hotTake

Reviewed on Jan 17, 2020


I didn't expect a lot out of a Star Wars game but I enjoyed this one a lot. Combat was challenging, the story and lore kept me interested, and BD-1 is an awesome sidekick.

Reviewed on Feb 17, 2020


Big Star Wars fan, and this was a great game I felt. Can’t wait for the second

Reviewed on Feb 28, 2020


This game is an endless parade of of design decisions that are just bad enough to make me gripe, roll my eyes, and keep playing anyway because "soulstroidvania with a lightsaber" is just that strong of a concept. I wish it had been better, but I guess that's why FromSoft exists. At the end of the day, the nicest thing I can say about this is that it's what finally convinced me to play an actual Dark Souls.

Reviewed on Mar 10, 2020