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had lots of fun with the control and movement but it should be harder, less pandering and more focused

Reviewed on Jan 02, 2020


Re bueno

Reviewed on Dec 06, 2018


I don't have a joke for this game.. Lets uh, do the Odyssey?

Reviewed on Dec 11, 2019


It's very good but no replay value and too easy

Reviewed on May 06, 2019


3d platforming at its best. I strongly miss the Mushroom Kingdom, though. Moon hunting is both easier and more annoying than in previous entries.

Reviewed on Oct 07, 2019


breaking news everybody, turns out i am actually a very stupid man because only on my ninth playthrough of this game do i realize it is actually good.

i got a lot to say about this, starting with how stupid and wrong i am about everything in life and i dont deserve to put credible thoughts on the internet. this came out around the time i was still hearing about how breath of the wild is the greatest video game ever made and that mario odyssey was going to be the other best game ever made. at the time, hearing such constant praise for this game on top of my own overblown hype for it made the overall experience just feel "ok," and with time, even bad. i was immensely disappointed with the level design most of all.

moons felt like filler, levels were sprawling and lifeless, and mario's moveset - fun as it was - didnt feel fitting for the world. every good thing about the game felt like an excuse for a lack of design elsewhere. continuing my expectations for a sequel to mario 64 (something they promised us) there was absolutely no difficulty curve. start to end, its baby's first video game. and that may be true, but i realized that isnt entirely a bad thing.

as i grow old in this shambling husk of a body i still administer, i feel more cynicism in this cold industry creeping up my back like the realization i cant think of a proper simile. i start forming ideas of what is good and what is bad in a video game, and as it goes on i realize how much Odyssey actually does right. theres an entire subset of collectibles dedicated to buying hats and souvenirs.

most importantly though, mario's moveset. whenever you actually see someone criticize this game, god forbid, you probably see either mario's moveset having one apex jump, or the moons and level design not totally being designed around it. and for a while, i fully agreed. recently though, i realized that the combination really turns out to make for a proper high skill ceiling. its still the least punishing game ever made, but being able to skip the shitty boss fights and set pieces (which are almost all complete garbage but hey its still not a 5 star game) means that it can still be completed quickly and skillfully, which equates to stylishly.

thats my biggest criticism with the game, the linear progression. not the idea of it, but the execution. (almost) every boss in this game is just walking around waiting for your turn to hit the Y button and every set piece is just watching nintendo masturbate for thirty minutes. its not that theyre good, its that skipping them is gooder.

im probably a nintendo shill that only supports them because i played mario as a kid and bosses still sucking should still equal criticism (which it does, hence not 5/5 along with some kingdoms being entirely lame) but the amount that mario does and the way it all blends together makes for a game that still isnt a masterpiece, but doesnt get old after god knows how many playthroughs. a lot to criticize, but a lot to love too. i can understand either side of the fence.

and im not sure if lost kingdom or ruined kingdom is supposed to represent the trip to the underworld, could go either way. its hard to say because Mario doesnt get the bag of winds until after bowsers kingdom, so really the whole thing is a jumbled mess

Reviewed on Oct 12, 2019


Não tem como parar de jogar sem ficar com uma dor no coração. Uma obra-prima ao som de um jazz cantado com referências de DK Arcade.

Reviewed on Nov 15, 2019


I think this is my favorite Mario game ever. Even though there were some frustrating parts, and quite a bit of coin grinding, I loved it. I loved using Cappy to control other beings (which is kinda creepy if you think about it) including a dinosaur.

Got every star (even the ones you can buy), every purple coin, as costume, which leads me to my next point: the Super Mario 64 costume is objectively the best costume in the game, and without Super Mario 64 we wouldn't have Super Mario Odyssey.

Also, this game is beautiful, sometimes it made me feel like I was watching an animated movie, and I do think an animated Mario movie would be awesome.

Reviewed on Apr 04, 2019


Without a doubt the best 3D Mario has ever been. Trades the quantity of the Galaxy games for sheer quality, and it works. The new mechanic is unique and FUN.

Plays like butter. Looks gorgeous. Sounds delicious. It's a legitimate joy to play.

I wish I could forget about this game to replay it all over again like it's the first time.

Reviewed on Jun 17, 2019


Mario is overrated and platformers are dead

Reviewed on Jul 01, 2019


whats up gamers remember the 90s

Reviewed on Feb 05, 2020


My first game played on the Switch, it had to be this one and didn't disappoint. 3D Mario brings me so much good memories from Super Mario Sunshine, I always loved the style of fantasy that these games have. Super Mario Odyssey looks absolutely gorgeous and is a joy to explore, all the kingdoms are fun and unique. New Donk City rules tho.

The new mechanic is trademark Nintendo, simple but functional. It adds so much variety to gameplay and some of the creatures you can capture could easily have each a game of their own.

Nintendo did it again.

Reviewed on Nov 29, 2019


Very pretty except for a few spots where things are too clean looking and come off more like an ugly rubber than actual ground or trees. Great movement that is barely used except for a small handful of spots in the very endgame. Don't play the endgame its not worth it. Every concept is repeated about 35 times after the main story is finished. Its like playing Super Mario 64 but every world has 100 stars in it. Really polished ok platformer with basically no difficulty at all.

Incredibly Disappointing. The worst mario game.


Reviewed on Feb 16, 2020