34 s over 135 Reviews


Damn this is a lot of fun to play, it's a shame that it's stuffed with unfinished ideas and the weakest Kojima story yet.

A few clever ideas buried under a sea of walking sim cliches.

While it's kind of cheap to tease a thriller novel plot only to yank it away for a "don't you feel stupid" sad boy ending, I'll still give this game props for treating gamers like the adults they are not.

lol my wifi dropped in the middle of playing this and i never even noticed.

More empty calories like this please.

the only other skateboarding game to come close to the master.

Hey they got beck for this below average music puzzler!

Really wish there were more games that treated the audience and it's characters as well as this game did.


Solid middle of the road affair that tries way too hard to be more emotionally deep than it should.

boy there was a lot to this game that you could fiddle with. More systems at play then I personally needed but still a lot of fun to see doom-punk great britain through the eyes of an uber-assassin.

A Hella masterpiece in choose-your-own-adventure story telling.

Oozing with style and a blast to play this game is just too damn long. I made it 60 hours and felt sated.