I want to play more of the different routes is what I can say about this experience right now...
and that the touch controls are really cool

This is close to flawless and one of my absolute most loved comfort-games ever.
I come back frequently and now after my 7th Full-Album clear, do I think the only thing I would have done differently is to let first-time-players experience the game like in the Album-Arcade mode, with the option to safe. So it would be played to back and without showing the scores for each individual level. They would be saved and only portrayed in level select.
That would prevent someone who plays it for the first time to go for gold too soon.
But hey that's just me, this game is nothing short of fantastic <3

I first played Undertale in 2016 and remember liking it a lot, although I never finished a single run. I've tried multiple times over the years but it wasn't until a few days ago that I've seen the true-pacifist route to an end.
I've been breathing the soundtrack ever since I first started the game so overall, this had a very special place in my heart for a very long time.
Over the years, the internet spoiled almost the entire game for me and my interest in finishing it myself only ever peaked again when Deltarune first came out.

Now after 5 years, I finally returned to the Underground and unexpectedly came out with a new-found appreciation for Undertale.
While the soundtrack still slaps like it did on day one, I can finally fully appreciate how Deltarune improved almost everything that was good in Undertale.
At this point everything has been said about this game. But even though it has been out for so long and the internet almost spoiled everything to me, I'm incredibly thankful that I was able to experience the new area in the true-pacifist playthrough completely blind, which elevated the experience even further. Also the fact, that I spend 3 days thinking about and changing my mind multiple times on whether or not I want to play the genocide route. Of course the game wants to make you feel bad about that and I'm astonished how well it works. I finally decided to start it but quit the game multiple times within the blink of an eye because it felt so wrong. I now decided to quit for good. It's super interesting that Undertale managed to make me feel that way and I even feel bad for pressing the true-reset button in the first place. What a game

Wow, what a game.
I have never played a game from Daniel Mullins before, but now I want to complete them all.

The less you know about this game, the better, get off here and play it yourself. Although I share the opinion that the beginning of the experience is the game's strongest part, I wouldn't want to miss out on anything that comes after. It blew my mind in a few instances and bursts of creativity towards the end to a degree, that I genuinely questioned whether I was high or not.

Go in without any preconceptions and just tag along the admittedly incredibly wild and varied ride. For me this might be one of the best games to release this year and as it is, I would replay it immediately if I had the time. That appreciation is what lets me overlook anything I initially didn't like as much while playing.

It's incredibly competent and a visual treat, bursting of ambition and creativity. Let this be my personal love letter to this game. I won't even get into how good and smooth it feels to play, it's astounding.

PS: If it ever gets too frustrating you can always reload just before the losing state and just restart right before the encounter. The game saves automatically every time before you enter one, it works on bosses as well and I'm pretty sure it's intentional that it is possible. Just leaving that here so no one has to suffer to see this incredible experience through to the end ;)


The artstyle is amazing and the atmospheric soundtrack is cool from what I've heard, but sadly was it not enough to keep me hooked after the, in my opinion, not well paced start of the game. Once I was out of the valley with my own glider, I was tired because of the fetch-questing I had gone through to get there, so much so, that I simply lost any interest in the world after flying around for 30 minutes, doing one puzzle and visiting the first village.
I thought it would be relaxing to fly around aimlessly, exploring the world but I ended up being overwhelmed after the tutorial, which completely killed all my initial excitement for exploration.

Maybe I'll give this another try in a few months, now that I have already gone through the slow start, because I really like the art direction, which gives me strong Nausicaä vibes, which I just love

a game to do something else to. sit in class for example

This is a weird one.
Sometimes it's weird, sometimes it's amazing and hits all the right notes all at ones, but then comes a chapter where I find the answers your character can give rather strange. Something about it feels a bit odd and I'm not quite sure whether it is the delivery of the overall message of The Artful Escape or the theme they went with here.

I will probably come back to review it properly, once I made up my mind.
Visuals are amazing tho, it has absolute hit moments and the overall audio-visual experience is a pleasure. Sad tho that the mall-theme isn't included in the soundtrack, I'm looking for that song very badly because it slaps so damn hard

I'm really not the person to get excited by cars like... AT ALL, but I can say that the drifting mechanic is great and the cars with all their different handling styles feel satisfying. I'm not a huge fan of racing games but the unrealistic and Anime-esc drifting and control scheme made it incredibly satisfying to play for a couple of hours. On top of that is the artstyle really cool and while I think the music, while good, can get a bit repetetive, you can always put on the Initial D soundtrack on in the backround and you'll have a good time. The way the backlights leave a longer glow behind while breaking is also sooo Initial D and I love it. So yeah, the overal aesthetic is great.
The track designs can get a bit repetetive too, although there are 2-3 real good ones hidden among the more boring tracks.

I'll probably come back eventually to unlock every car, because I think it's a great game to listen a podcast of audio book to, which I did and can only recommend.

Incredibly fun rhythm game, which gets even better when played with actual turntables.
It was a really fun week, that I played this with a friend

I loved it as a child and just replayed it, to see whether it holds up to my memory and I was surprised it did.
It's cute, fun and not too long. I had a good time

What a trip...

Everhood is neither a rhythm game, nor a simple retelling of Undertale (a lot of people compare the two and although I see why, I hate it). It is pretty wild with it's visuals but they tested how likely it is for players with epilepsy and appearently there isn't a huge risk. I can't comment on that, but they explained it all in a very thorough post on the games steam page. There is an option to turn down the visuals, if you simply get a headache from all the flashing colors during fights.

That aside, I think Everhood is an interesting game. It's gameplay is like nothing I have ever played before and felt unique. I like the soundtrack, not because of the songs individually but how well they all work in game. The characters were likeable, charming and quite funny at times. I had a really good time and I might be comming back for the community content in the form of custom fights.

I'll continue to a lot about this game and probably look into the new content that comes with NG+. I recommend trying the demo for the gameplay

First off: It's too expansive. Nintendo and their WiiU ports are completely off the chain and should not be supported with your money.

I don't have much to say about 3D World that hasn't already been said, but that it has MASSIVE frame-rate issues in docked mode. We initially thought that was because we played the co-op multiplayer but first; that's no excuse and second: it occurred in single player as well. It happens frequently and the frame-rate drops reeaaaally low. I've never seen someone talking about this online before and it takes away from the otherwise solid experience.
The levels were fun, the game and it's mechanics don't overstay their welcome and when the music hits, it hits.
Not all of the tracks are bangers but especially everything related to bowser has an illegally dark base-line which blew me out of the way every time it appeared.

We played through the entire main game and the 3 star worlds with ease and enjoyed it throughout.
Nintendo really has to work on skippable menus at the end of every level, they are unnecessary and take up time that we could have spent already blasting through the next stage.

Overall a fine game, nothing too crazy and for a good price (and used) a solid pick-up for 2-3 mindless afternoons.

I had high expectations for this one, but ultimately was let down by a lot of frame-drops, locked 30fps in handheld mode and overall mediocre gameplay.

Initially I wanted to go for the 100%, as I thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal with judging by the game-length, but now I collected 55/100 sprites and just don't want to continue redoing the same levels over and over for the same reused adjustments and shines for the different stages. I'm not saying they're bad per se, but I simply stopped enjoying them after the 5th stage where I had to collect the blue coins.

Not a game I'll remember for long and maybe I'll come back one day and find myself enjoying it more than I did for the last two days.

A brilliant aspect about Bowser's Fury however, is the soundtrack. There were at least 3 themes I couldn't get enough of. The rest was standard Mario, which isn't inherently bad, but just playing in the backround without you ever paying attention to it.
I'll talk about the price in my 3D World + Bowser's Fury review. This was just meant to only comment on the additional content the switch version added.

Verdict: Didn't like it that much, but a good game to play while at the same time listening to a podcast or a YouTube video to

An incredibly creative rhythm game with brilliant maps and a cute story about the sadly very real issue of the privatization of hospitals and overworked staff.

It might seem simple when watching gameplay, because it's a one-finger rhythm game, but the reality is, that it's one of the most mechanically interesting ones and can be quite hard on the last boss and in some of the optional night levels.

The rest of the game is rather simple but incredibly fun and charming. Everyone without epilepsy should try this game!
I can't wait for the rest of the levels to release during the early-access. The soundtrack is full of bangers, prepare your ears!

It felt physically painful to play this at times. The B,C and D routes could've been an e-mail (I'm not talking about the change of perspective for the different bosses). Playing through the entire second half of this game for at least 3 times made it way less enjoyable for me tbh. Not every game has to be fun of course, but a lot of the character moments and especially the added scenes in route B lost meaning over the C playthrough, because all I wanted was to get to the ending as soon as possible. If the B route stayed but it was possible to obtain all the endings B,C and D through just re-doing the last boss, this would have made this game a whole lot better to me personally.

I think this game does overstay its' welcome where it could have been avoided.

With that out of the way do I want to say, that I somehow still love NieR Replicant. The beautiful environments, music and character-development make it an unforgettable experience, I never want to play again in my entire life. Literally the first thing I did within an hour of beating the game was selling it to someone on twitter.

Again, I love a lot of the aspects of this game. I also don't regret seeing this journey through to the end, especially with the newly added E ending, that finally gave me what I was looking for.

I do not recommend anyone to play through every ending of this title. I did it anyway and can finally rest in piece after almost losing my sanity multiple times during the third playthrough.

The E route had me almost crying twice because...
1. ...the part of the game I had to redo to reach the 'true ending'
2. particular story moment involving a cook-book

Don't play this game, seriously!