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yo someone tell backloggd staff to gtfo with the NA boxart

I often feel like Gen I is misunderstood. Sure, it's a disgusting, glitchy, aged mess of a game, but I've always appreciated its simplicity. There is no "end of the world" plot. Everything you encounter has happened because you, the player, adventured where nobody else did before. Kanto, as a region, doesn't really have a linear design like later games do, which allows the player to explore a big portion of the game however they wish, with the player unlocking more and more of the world simply by going off of the hints and vague direction-pointing that the game offers. It creates a very rewarding experience when the player really has managed to find a certain item or go to a certain place. Played this one tons of times and will play again...

You accidentally burn the Shark.
You accidentally burn the Shark.
You accidentally burn the Shark.
You accidentally burn the Shark.

Топовая игра, которая запала мне в душу и голову.
И заставила задуматься

This was the one I'd replay over and over.

Love how this one has the same box art as the computer game but is just a wildly different game. One of the first non-Pokemon RPGs I played and I had a good time with it in spite of that. Also probably the best non-book media depiction of the first book in terms of fidelity to the events of the book as well as capturing the tone of the world.

The best couch co-op action-puzzle experience since Portal 2, hamstrung by truly mind-boggling writing.

I think this game is hella slept on. There were a lot of complaints that the pet is impossible to get to do what you want, but those people fail to realize that's part of the experience. If you let yourself be immersed in the world of the game, and treat trico like she has a mind of her own, and that you have to 'build trust' and understand how she thinks, it makes it an extremely emotional experience.