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A really, really average horror game that unfortunately is too focused on replicating the ideas of its inspirations that it doesn't give itself enough room to create something truly unique. There are undoubtedly positives, but unfortunately the game begins to drag its feet rather quickly.

I wanna adore this game. I want more than anything to say it's a perfect, once in a lifetime experience.
But it just never reached the heights I was hoping for. That's not to say it didn't try, and that's definitely not to say it didn't get close, but there was never a point that I became so enamored and fascinated with this world, feeling fully drawn in and locked into the game and its ideas and giving myself to it.
I just simply enjoyed it. Nothing more. Nothing less.
The combat was incredible once it clicked, the world looks phenomenal, and some of the boss fights are genuinely amazing.
But it just didn't hit as hard for me compared to some of FromSoft's other efforts which feels so weirdly disappointing and leaves a bittersweet taste. Perhaps I'm just too spoiled.
Either way, the game is still incredible regardless of all that. I loved playing it and hopefully I'll love it with all my heart properly one day.

This is where Dark Souls truly shines. In mood, gameplay, design, direction, and theme, this is it. This is really it. There's a sense of finality and respect. The last few embers.