I remember watching/playing the game is such blast to play this game the story is very good , characters good ,


I never except a game that is kill ghost to be so good
the story is amazing
the gameplay is very good
but the characters steal the show same with lore , they only bad thing it effect my brain a bit this game

A classic game to bad that very later in the game you need to play money

I played this game I understand everyone for the ratings because the Story is bad the only thing this game is keeping alive is custom avatar and music idk SEGA Team of music is just going to hard sometimes

Such good game I love it when i was litte i played it so much and I miss that times but we can't noting about it the only thing bad was limit to members but was kinda okay

Bully is such good game for his time to bad that Rockstar is not making sequel I don't judge them these days games like this will be cancel because of the people and the company

I really don't like GTA like series this game is kinda boring i tried the game and didn't like it I know the story and everyting but I just not so good I understand people that like it but for me is just not so good

I really wish Valve update this game much more Is such blast playing it with friends amazing


I didn't finish it but I think I'm not gone do that is just get to boring after a while I watch the game on YouTube and was okay but not the best game (If this game somehow got GOTY i was gone die so hard)

Damn it I still have to finish this game at some point I really love this game is amazing

This game for reason is very good the story is not boring I love how the bring the Fairy Tale world in the real life and they try to live together in peace . . . I'm sure that gone last

I played this game with my friends and that was the only time I was playing for me didn't click so much this game but I understand for some other person tastes

Such a good game I really love this game so much the story is just beautiful and heart-broken the gameplay is not boring is very good game I wish the multiplayer was back on the remake

Such a classic game the story of this game is amazing the gameplay is good what I love the most is that you can PLAY AS MONA i was so shock when i saw that

Same as Vice City nostalgia that's kinda all about it the game is not that good at story