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fantástico, jogava direto, queria muito um rework

Antes de tudo, a droga do estágio final é incrivelmente difícil. Dito isso, é um jogo muito divertido, muito bem feito e ótimo para multiplayer local.

Review of single-player mode. Will update when/if I play the multiplayer down the road.

tbh the single-player is pretty bad here, the puzzles don't mesh well with bomberman's power-ups and it ends up being really gimmicky and frustrating. the last world in particular is really bad. the bomber bosses are also weirdly overly-hard while their mecha forms are really easy. it's an overall odd experience that clashes with itself a bit too much for my tastes. i had a better time with bomberman's more traditional 'blow everything up' campaigns.

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