I am willing to look past any flaw or peripheral short comings as long as the gameplay itself is good
Strategy - Competitive - MMORPG/RPG - Sandbox - FPS
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TD game that puts its peers to shame. Isn't afraid to innovate and step outside the box by adding RTS and puzzle elements into the game. Has repeatable game modes, Diverse music and a surprisingly fleshed out world building. Don't let the gacha tag fool you. This thing is more closer to a real game than a typical gacha game.

Dunking on this game for a meh story is like dunking on a Monster hunter game for having no story. Gameplay also is fresh and unique, And being unique is always a positive in my eyes

I don't have much anything to say about this game and i don't feel like giving it too much heat either since it was clearly made for quick hunts during someone else 12 noon lunch break