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Aug 11

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Aug 11

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Sea of Stars was an overall good game that's able to build it's own identity by taking ideas from other RPGs, mainly Chrono Trigger, and combining them wirh fresh and new ideas. The battle system is absolutely amazing and just overall really fun, it is mainly a risk verse reward system of using all your magic and magic ball things (I forgot the names) before enemies use a super move that can only be broken by specific attacks. It's a system that never really got dull throughout the play time and always seem to do some unique ideas with it and mix it up throughout the game. However, the game wasn't as challenging as i'd like and was pretty easy all things considered and only died a handful of times and got stuck once. The worlds are also really well designed and the little bit of platforming and puzzles keep the worlds from getting stale, that combined with the gorgeous pixel art. The story however, is pretty good but not amazing or anything, it was never the driving factor to get me to play. The aspect that really falls apart I feel are the characters because like the first four kind of blend together in personalities (Especially the main duo who have literally the same character) and another one barely does anything and comes out of nowhere. The writers didn't really add any character flaws or struggless to the characters and not too many of them had well explored motivations to go join the party, which isn't ideal for a party based RPG like this. This is especially apparent for Garl who is prefect in everyway and everyone sucks him off literally every chance they get, which just made him uninteresting and bland. Overall, Sea of Stars is a good JRPG for any big fan of classic SNES RPGs, I would love to see the developments take a stab at a sequel or just a new franchise and polish their game a little bit to see their full potential.

Star Fox 64 was just a really fun game, and I really got no better way to describe it. From the charming voice acting and character portraits to the addicting shooting gameplay and fun level designs. Highly recommend anyone giving this one a shot, it's simple enough for anyone to really pick up and can be beaten in a day very easily, plus if you want more of the game, multiple routes are available for more unique replays.

Short and sweet little platformer that's charming and pretty fun. It feels like a lot of other short indie games I've played like Donut County and A Short Hike where it focuses on simple yet fun gameplay mechanics while telling a pretty barebones story with charming dialogue and characters, but really just fails to stick with me too much. It's definitely a fun game worth the 3 hour run time and I respect the hell out of it for being just about the most pure form a video game with solid aspects all around but just isn't going to be something I'm going to think about or go back to in the future.