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AlexaLily finished Save Room: Organization Puzzle
A fun little thing! It's maybe a bit short (I finished it all in under an hour) but maybe it's better that it doesn't overstay its welcome, y'know. Not a fan of the complete lack of tutorials. It's mostly straightforward but it relies on your knowledge of RE4 for combining things and doesn't tell you reasons why you wouldn't be able to finish a level (guns not loaded, not enough health, etc). Just some minor tutorialization would've been nice. Not a huge deal but it would've been nice.
Also, I really wish this had a "zen mode" or something where it gives you the maximum size case and a random smattering of items and just let you organize them in whatever way best pleases your brain. That's the thing people really liked in RE4, right? lining everything up in whatever way they decided was best/most organized? Feels like it's kinda missing out on a major thing people liked.

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