Got to this game about a Year and half later then most.
Ratchet and Clank is a series that really meant a lot to me growing up as a kid. Starting from it's humble beginnings on the PS2, Then Jumping to the PS3 with the future trilogy before starting to lose Steam in the Early to mid 2010s. ( The Remake was fine) It had me Thinking ''Imagine a True Next Gen Ratchet and Clank title''
Fast forward to 2023 being a proud owner of a PS5 I can say that Rift Amazing.
Right off the Bat this game starts off from the events of a Crack in time with the titular duo having a celebration for their 20 plus years of heroics. Clank surprises ratchet with a new Dimensionator with the promise to find all the other lombaxes until Dr nefarious swoops and messes up reality.
Core gameplay is basically an upgraded Crack in time with some new tricks that spice the gameplay up. Rift Pull and the Phantom dash are great Mechanics that should stay in future games. Ratchet's Core arsenal is Very solid ( Topiestray Sprinkler ftw) albeit with some Ehhh Late game weapons that feel a bit useless. Platforming is solid as usual with some new stuff like the Speetlebugs that give me vibes from Crash's 2 polar bear levels.
Rivet and Kit are Very fun characters that play off each other very well helped by the Stellar voice direction and writing. I actually busted out laughing one time over a Cutscene with a particular character that I won't spoil.
Also Visually this game is freaking gorgeous. but yeah Rift apart is a great game that appeals to both old and new fans.

Reviewed on Jan 31, 2023