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At the end of the day all that matters is the experience the player has with this epically crafted story. There are several complaints to be made about the story, sidequests, battle system, character writing or overall balancing. But I'm not here to make them. FF16 plays like a gem nearly the whole time, with the boss fights being the very large cherry on top of a handful of cakes. I laughed, cried and always wanted to see more during my playthrough.
It has some rough edges and builds a beautiful foundation nontheless. It is not for everybody, but oh hell did it click with me.
Rushing into New Game+ never felt so easy. Just to experience it all over again.

This is a great recommendation for everyone who always wanted to try a city building strategy game, but was too deterred by their complexity or did not want to spend so much time getting behind the mechanics. It takes virtually no time to understand Terra Nil and how to get around. Usual playtime will be 5-8 hours and it is very much worth it for everyone who looks to get into a cozy game that has a low difficulty scale.
I enjoyed my time very much so far and got to 100% quickly. Even compared to other strategy games, there is nothing like it and I look forward to any updates in the future.

It was good while it lasted and way better than every other MTG online game in the past 15 years. There are two main reasons I stopped playing after around 450 hours.
Regrettably, to play more of the fun formats (Draft, Sealed) you need to play a lot of unpleasant Standard matches. The unstoppable force of a new expansion every three months seems like a breath of fresh air in theory, but instead emerges a nuisance. Most high-level decks are only valid for this particular frame of time and have to be updated or discarded afterwards and even if you were to put many hours into this game, every cycle there'll be around 1 to 2 max that can be crafted through the wildcard system. Unless players have loads of money left to put into it.

The other reason consists of the incredibly boring grind in ranked matches. Arenas reward system works great and is fair when other games are considered. The battle pass yields a lot of prizes and is worth to get for every new expansion. But to climb in the ranked system it's required to win at least 72 games more than you lose as every win counts 1 or 2 points and every loss subracts 1. There's no other dynamic and whenever I had more time in any given month it was possible to get to the highest rank. After three years I just can't be bothered anymore.

I still love MTG as a card game. One person can only play so many games in their life and this was definitely one of them.