I initially found this game quite jarring - I've had to stop playing a couple of times in the past, but I just knew it would be rewarding in the end. So I sat down with the intention to play the bulk (if not all of it) tonight, and I'm thrilled to say that I DID and I wasn't wrong! While the difficult subject matter was never particularly easy to broach, the game and death as a whole became more a matter of intimacy and kindness.
I agree with the few reviews who state that there are a some instances of plots that are not effectively explored, but given the briefness of the game as a whole I think the fact these moments are included at all lead to sufficient provocation of thought. The game is exploring one element of a business that folks were just getting used to when the game was released in 2017. So, one can't expect the game to cover every element of the ethics of the death industry in complete detail. We're growing and the ability to talk about issues like these is becoming more and more accessible, and if this game makes someone wonder about the death industry then that is enough because people like Caitlin Doughty exist who have created incredible learning platforms for those curious about death positivity.
All in all, I feel happier knowing that this game is available for people to play! Now I need to go and kiss my cat and tell him that I love him so, so, so much.

Fun! I love and will marry Samuel Drake!

Fun with friends! I love fun and I love my friends.

Oh boy...okay, definitely the weakest of the Dark Anthology releases thus far imo (upon first play). The performances are...not great, tbh - I wasn’t convinced by any of them, but I think the actors did what they could with whatever that DIALOGUE was 😬.
It feels like there are too many stories happening at once, as well. Especially based on the ending I got... Granted this is my first playthrough, and I’ve only hit 20% complete - I’m leaving room for my rating to change upon the second play. Supermassive games make for supermassive replayability, after all.

I don't think I will ever not be absolutely in love with Beautiful Glitch games. Hysterical.

I love this silly little game! It's a real delight. I would most definitely recommend giving it a go if you haven't yet.

This game defined my childhood.

The most difficult game I have ever played in my life. So frustrating. I never want to play it ever again. Buy it.

Bro, okay, I know I'm reviewing a f***ing SIms game here, but The Sims Medieval is absolutely peak. Please play it. Even if you hate The Sims and never want to play a Sims game. It's so good.

Perfect. Brilliant. Flawless. Never been done before. Totally unique.

Really fun, challenging multiplayer.

A really great rooty tooty point and shooty kinda time.


An excellent little spooky game with great replayability!

I literally cannot play this game. I have to watch other people play this game. I'm too frightened. The lore is insane, though.