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Feels like a closer remake in the vein of the original 2002 Resident Evil Remake, than the RE2 and RE3 re-imaginings that preceded this. Which really paid off, imo, because you have the original game maintained for new players who may have never played the original, while keeping surprises for people who were obsessed with the 2005 Resident Evil 4.
I am much more in love with OG Resident Evil survival-horror mechanics, inventory management, backtracking, limited saves, and such. So on paper I ``like`` the RE2 remake more, but this to me is a better game and what a remake of any game should be.
Unfortunately its success feels like another nail in the coffin of the short lived RE rebirth of survival horror that began with Resident Evil 7. I will pour one out for you after the release of each new game, homie.

Yeah, the graphics are really nice. Even though it has a worse artstyle and worse music. Would have rathered a re-release of the OG game with some QoL improvements and better framerate. A remake of this game is pointless if you are not going to do anything with the 6th archstone.

[GBC Version] If a migraine could be a game, this would be the game.